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Go karts, mini golf, water parks and coasters! Bond and Paul from Negative-G go to Wisconsin to take in everything that the Wisconsin Dells has to offer the coaster enthusiast at large, visiting Mount Olympus and Timber Falls. Roller coasters include Hades, Zeus, Pegasus, Cyclops and Hellcat.

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Ah yes Wisconsin, where it's against the law get ejector air under the age of 18 but proper fencing isn't required around dangerous rides.

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^And ankle snapping curbs in weird places, in a theme park, is ok.

Cyclops rocks. Big time. Too bad it's in such a poorly run PIT of a park.


Hellcat is by far the superior coaster of all of those. The rest are extremely rough. I'm surprised how highly Hades gets ranked on the polls.

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I got nothing from Hellcat/J2/Tsunami. I don't even bother to rank it.

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I think he meant HellCat (formerly Avalanche) in the dells, not the NJ Hell Cat.

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Considering Avalanche had fallen on hard times, Cyclops was indeed THE star of the last trip to the Dells. Every coaster at the Dells seems to be lacking in maintenance - a real shame. Mt. Olympus could be one of "those" parks that gets the glowing reviews all the would take a real commitment to those coasters, but I think they'd be surprised to see the positive results in their bottom line.

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^Agreed. With a little TLC and service training, that park could be a destination for more than passing through tourists.

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^Oh, that....yes, the attitudes of the employees has consistently been.....less-than-stellar? ;)

Improved cleanliness and a restroom up near the coasters would also be big plusses....or at least +1 per each... :)

It was surprising to say but customer service did improve and the ride ops actually worked to keep the lines moving at Mt O. Still if the rides were maintained better and Hades had a second train the park would rank higher.

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Always thought Cyclops was nice, but overrated. Hades and Avalanche were the better Dells coasters IMO.

Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

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^Really? That ride has never ceased to amaze me. The first drop - a whole 42 foot drop - is wicked scary in back. It doesn't get the attention it deserves due to the drop-o-death. The next 2 little hills kick butt, either in front or back. Then of course, the drop-o-death itself. All with buzzbars.

I think the big drawback to Cyclops would be it's short length. And the fact that it's at Mt. Olympus.

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We were there back in 2010 on our honeymoon. Hellcat was running on I don't know what. I can see why it's called Hellcat lol. We were the only people in the park and the Op and I started talking and found that we were from the same area. Cool guy, kept giving out tickets back every trip on this monster. The wife and I got 26 laps on this bad boy. This park keeps this coaster blazing and I have give kudos to them for running such a great ride. It can't beat those other machines in "that" other park down the road.

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It is such a shame that parks build these awesome coasters and not maintain them. My first visit to Big Chief's (now Mt Olympus), was when Zeus was brand new. It was fantastic. Smooth as glass filled with airtime. My 2nd visit was in 2010 and Zeus was terrible.

I really liked Hades. being newer, it wasn't rough yet. Cyclops was running great and so was Pegasus. I agree with the comments on customer service. When we were there, all ride-ops were from foreign countries and not very bright. I asked an employee on Hades to take a photo of us sitting in front and she stepped out in front of train and tried to take it. I suggested to step over to the catwalk where it was safer to stand. I had this vision of her slipping through and damn, there goes my camera. :)

We only rode Hades twice. it was dead that day with no wait. But walking the steps up to ride is horrid. If memory serves correctly, there are 50 steps! Only Cornball Express is as bad I think. The Hades crew would not let us re-ride. So, we left. No way we were climbing them again!

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^Yes, it's really shameful how that park is run. We had to talk to a manager (very politely) when we were there last summer for "coasters after dark" (Hades had a 45 - 60 minute wait; plenty of single riders not paired up; the crew would wait until every last person was on the stairs before they opened the air gates, and were slow as molasses - when they stopped their very important talking to each other.)

One seat belt of the very last seat on Cyclops was not only seriously frayed, the male part was bent at an angle, and ready to break.

Cyclops was the only coaster that was very ride-able (Pegasus was closed.). Good thing such a great ride can be small, prevents too much track banging up. It also speaks to the extra forces that the PTC trains with ratchet bars inflict on the track; those lap bars and lock boxes are very heavy.

I really really really wanted to write a letter to the park, but I haven't yet.

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The last time I rode Hades, I thought I was going to die. One spot that it felt like maybe a header had lost it's bolts and rose up to a point where the two peices of track just weren't level with each other. It hurt like hell. I'm not sure what section but I remember it being on the return somewhere by the station area.

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Cyclops, the only coaster where the ride ops have told me that if I thought the backseat was awesome with a seatbelt I should try it without it...

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Let me follow up on the seatbelt on Cyclops. On my trip there in July, the last rows seatbelt is cut about halfway through. Along the course, the buzzbar on the second to last seat flew up but thankfully no one was sitting in the seat. However, if these two instances were paired together or if one were to ride without a seatbelt at all, I could imagine a very deadly sceanio being able to take shape. I sent an email to the park about this situation to no reply. Mt. Olympus is ranked last on my list of parks not only because of this but also because of all the previous mentioned reasons as well.

Living in Chicago, people rave about this place and it blows my mind. Its dangerous, low class, shoddy, dirty, and overpriced. Its a shining example as to how the GP sometimes doesnt even know what a truly great park is. Theyll just take any piece of "gilded" junk like Mt Olympus.

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That's pretty much the most arrogant and silly thing I've seen written in awhile. I'm sure I would have more fun with some "GP" schmuck than an uppity enthusiast who thinks they know better.

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