Motocoaster @ Darien Lake

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I was considering going to Darien Lake this Saturday. Did the park ever actualy say it would be running on opening day? Was there an opening date that I missed somewhere?

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Duane has it as May 3 - "Under Construction opening 5/3/2008".

Guess that's when the OCC Crew will be there... ;)

^^OCC guys won't be there until the weekend of May 16th and June 12. Here is an article in the Buffalo News that explains it all. Apparenlty they are going to raffling off a bike from the OCC guys at the end of Sept too!!

It sounds like the coaster will be open this weekend, but the Tuetels will not. To me, this coaster looks like it is worth the trip.

Isn't this ride just like a kiddie coaster? I wouldn't be excited to go and ride it, but on the other hand it might be worthwhile. Heck, I like that ride at Cypress Gardens called Ok... Rampage. That's better than the smaller version like Spacely's Sprocket Rockets at SFGAm.

I can't really say that a ride is going to be good, or not until I ride it. Rides might look more interesting for me to ride, but than you start thinking this ride is going to awesome, and than they are just letdowns to me. It's not a roller coaster, but the Mondial Top Scan just looks like the most awesome ever. After I rode it, I was really disappointed.

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You're nuts.

Mondial TopScans are INSANE. I love the one at Wonderland, and apparently they do not run it to it's full potential. In my books, one of the best flatrides.

It's been my experience that Top Scans are really hit and miss experiences.

Chuck, saying find a manually operated one with a op who knows what they are doing! (Rare) but possible. Just like Top Spins.

^^My problem with them is that I don't know what's going on, and your head just gets sore after awhile. They remind of me of an SLC. What the heck just happened is how I feel with both rides.

You say I'm nuts for not liking this insane ride. LOL That's too funny.

I feel the best flat ride is the Orbitor when the cars are almost 90 degrees (Maybe they are 80, but close to 90.)

Coaster Radio once made up this word (if it's not a word) saying anticipointment. It's that you are so excited to ride something, and it's such hyped up, and than you just don't care for it.

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Well, Ill be there with a bunch of my friends. I think it will be fun. Sure its nothing amazing but at this point anything new at my local park will be fun. If you wan to be "dirty" about it its another credit for all of those credit whores out there.

Its sad when your best friend asks you the exact running time of a ride. Good thing I didnt know.

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Isn't this ride just like a kiddie coaster?

Nope. It's classified as a family coaster.

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