Motley Fool columnist says Six Flags stock still more scary than their rides

Posted Friday, November 14, 2003 10:41 AM | Contributed by Jeff

Motley Fool columnist Rick Aristotle Munarriz says Six Flags' stock is still more scary than their rides, despite improved results for the third quarter. He says that in light of poor forecasting and better results from their competitors, the company is in denial about its problems.

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Friday, November 14, 2003 7:51 PM
When you hear customers and people at other parks say that don't want to go back to Six Flags America ever again, I can't say I blame them, and I worked there. There are things that I saw (and heard) as an employee that bothered me. The main thing I would notice everyday was that the outdoor food areas were not being kept clean. If they had park service people assigned to different areas and left there, this wouldn't happen. On one of my last days, I noticed a bottle outside of my ride that sat there for hours (I didn't have time to throw it out, and besides, the closest trashcan was across the midway, and you can't leave your ride). If I had time, I would try to throw stuff away on the ground into the nearest trashcan, which was often too far away from the next trashcan. Many of the rides (especially the kiddie rides) lack queues, which makes it confusing as to where people were standing in line.

They've simply got to do better with ride upkeep and maintenance. This is another complaint I've frequently heard. Typhoon Seacoaster shouldn't have opened in August. With the lack of a traditional log flume, it's all the park has. For the last 5-6 weeks, I worked on a crippled ride. The Chaos had three seats that never worked, and from day to day, there would be more that didn't work. One of the closed seats in fact was loose, and a kid almost hurt himself by swinging on it. The one bright spot in the rides department was getting all three sides of Tower of Doom working again, but again, that happened late in the season.
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Monday, November 17, 2003 9:37 AM
very interesting observations, I have had a concern with the lack on time ride operations in these parks also. thats why I dont visit Six Flag parks.( For the exception of the California one in Aniheim.) For some reason , which I cant figure out, Is run Flawlessly) A good number of rides are down on a regular basis. They are Always understaffed and dirty, exspecially the restrooms. Its really sad because there are so may Six Flags parks all over the world. and the ones in the states are really poor. I give you alot of credit Intamin , because the job you took apon is not an easy one...maybe some day............ when the stocks go down to 1.25 cents a share,, theyll change there ways...

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