Mothers' Day @ VF

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Although there were no major additions to the park there were some changes that will be mentioned later.

It was a very easy day thanks to the cool windy weather and every one was either on a lake trying to fish or taking their moms to Red Lobster for lunch. I guess I'm a lousy son. :P

Arrived at 11:00 and the season pass line was out to the parking lot. People were asking the staff if they could get in with their pre-paid voucher and come back when the line is shorter. The standard answer was that management has not given the approval to let that happen. So I waited an hour. All computers were operating and there was about 10 people behind the counter. Once inside it took 10 minutes at most to get my card. And they are UGLY! Not because my pic was on it either. I don't care as long as it works.

Now you can go to any entrance gate with your season pass instead of going to the far right. One step closer to Paramounts adopted system. The monitors are said to be there next year.

Thanks to the holiday/weather/fishing opener/people still in line for passes combination, the place was empty. Lots of CF pavement to enjoy as far as the eye can see.

Made my way to HR and it looked a little faster than last year. Plus it looked like they retracked some more from the curve around the station to the turn aournd before the break run. It was noticably faster and the trim was not killing the second half but I will consider that they were light to compensate for the wind. Walk-on. 1 train. Still on the weak side overall from what it used to be.

They added another 3 Point Challenge in the corner where the trampoline/bungie things were in front of HR's station. I didn't see anyone play that all day.

Renegade was running great. I think it is breaking in nicely. The colder temps did not slow it down at all. Longest wait all day was just to the bottom of the steps. 1 train.

Excalibur. Light on the breaks again. Still too short of a ride. Finally slapped the structure going under the first turn. Please please get rid of this abbomination. I don't see it's usefulness. But I guess people claim it's still their fav. Just because of that one switchback? Meh...

Wild Thing was true to form. Great float on the second hill. And again the trims were at about half of what it was last year. Again considering the wind. Hoping it's a new standard. Walk on. 1 train.

Now to annoy Gonch about food. Went to Coney Corner to get a Chicago Dog. The guys behind the counter were not bothered but I did ask for utensiles and got them bare-handed. I look through the window to see that non of them are pre-wrapped. Neither are the straws. No super rellish but a very good Chi-dog.

Later I went to Fryer Tuck's to fork over $9 on a small fry and another drink. Once again bare-handed an unwrapped straw but the staff was nice enough to think of pouring the vinigar for me into a small cup without asking. It was the second day of operation so I will not get my hopes up.

SV is getting rough but the LIMs were hitting hard on the second pass going backwards. Still a punchy little ride. Walk-on. 1 train. LOL.

Skyscraper is gone. Everyone knows already, I know. It looks like they took out the concrete walks and everything.

There is a new ATM by SV's exit.

Corkscrew did not have the cameras on from last season and I could care less if they come back. Walk on. 1 train. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. New steel looper please!

Didn't do much else. Xtreme Swing needs a longer cycle, Ran into Playa at the bumper cars. It seemed like that was all he did all day. Got hassled by time-share people. What is up with that? Bad, BAD idea CF. Give them the boot!

I went out to the car at a bout 2:00 and the season pass line was twice as long. Ran into a friend waiting in line. So while talking to them the annoucement came that people with vouchers could go in. Sigh.

For an easy day this became a longer TR than expected. Things are looking promising though for another good season.

Thanks for another great season, VF!

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Sad to see the Skyscraper go. That was my favorite ride at the park.

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

WildThingNative said:

Ran into Playa at the bumper cars. It seemed like that was all he did all day.

More on that later......................

NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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