Morgan/Chance Hyper Coaster question.

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I have heard that Chance is getting into the coaster business. (or have been.) I was just wondering if there are any park hyper coasters model installed at parks in the US? There is a rumor that MA may be getting one of these, but just a rumor.

I saw an image of what one of these might be like. Looks like a pretty short coaster, but, looks like it would be fun. The rumors about MA are based on their current rides, a lot of which are Chance rides. But, so far that is the only connection.

Well, I'm going to eat my question, as obviously there are. I just went to RCDB, and, saw a video of a coaster that is at Kentucky Kingdom. It is a hypercoaster-XT, which is what the rumor is for MA. Not a very high coaster, but, it has some interesting turns, and the trains look similar to what is on Millennium Force. If MA does get one of these, you can bet it would quickly make the other coasters at MA seem tame, and take the focus off ST as the parks best attraction, or at least tie. But, still, just a rumor.

There are some other interesting chance rides that would fit in well at any park.

Sorry, don't know how this got in Trip reports, meant to post to general buzz.

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I didn't do it! I swear!!

Is this guy still here?

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Yes. And, I am not going away. I would post more to add to the Mid-timbers puns, and play tighty whitey twister til I'm old and gray. And, I will probably ride coasters, until my new ride is a wheel chair down the stairs!! LOL!! No pushing or shoving please!! See Timber rider fall down stairs..$5.00....front row seats $10.00.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Lightning Run at Kentucky Kingdom looks like a pretty cool ride. Not a hyper coaster, but it seems to pack a pretty good punch for being so small.

Lightning Run is a fantastic coaster with lots of ejector air. It's just balls to the wall intensity from beginning to end. I had read several positive reviews beforehand and am still shocked at how good it is.

We were in Jeffersonville, Indiana visiting relatives a couple of weeks ago and decided to go to Kentucky Kingdom and the Kentucky State Fair. It was an interesting trip to say the least. I considered writing my first trip report about it but didn't have time for it.

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Chance has built kiddie coasters for quite some time, generally pretty bad rides (more rough than fun).

Whatever they figured out before building Lightning Run and Freedom Flyer....they learned *something* in the last 5 years, not bad for a company as long-tenured as Chance.

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

Superman El Ultimo Escape at Six Flags Mexico was to open in 2002 and was finished by Chance Rides. The local governement and Six Flags had some kind of dispute which pushed the opening to 2004 and was a "Chance-Morgan" ride at that point. The reason why this ride has a complicated past is because Dana Morgan sold his company to Michael Chance in June 2001. So, you could technically say it it a Chance Hypercoaster since we will never know what Morgan had already designed or manufactured by the time the company was sold.

Ride wise, it is an interesting experience. It has a great pre lift airtime hill and the ride features more turns than what we used to from the Morgan hyper coasters in the US. Also, forget all the typical Six Flags "bad capacity" stereotypes: Six Flags Mexico put 99% of any parks to shame operationally! Hitting interval on a Vekoma SLC? Check. The train in the station was ready to dispatch before the train on the course had cleared the double rolls!

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