Morey's Piers, 7/25/06

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After having a great time at Morey's last year I was looking forward to a trip this year. With the forecast being in the low 80's and only a 20% chance of rain, I decided to go today because of the Tuesday $19 special (wristband is $19 instead of $41 but it expires at 6 p.m.).

We got to Mariner's Landing at around 2:45 and started off with the Bumper Cars which were a walk on. They were ok but nothing to great. Seeing that the Pirates of Wildwood had a less than 5 minute wait, we decided to ride that next. Fun for what it is but not too high tech. I was surprised at short the lines were so far because on the Tuesday special days, the lines seem to be worse (judging by last year). We went to the paddle boats next. I saw they were only 3 tickets which seemed low for the ride and it was nice it was included in the wristband as at most parks it is an upcharge. No wait for this either and you get to stay out on the boat for about 10 minutes before they call your boat number to return to the dock.

The sky cycles look interesting so we tried those next (did not get to ride last year due to the line). Another walk on and it was fun but tiring to pedal around that track. The sky ships were next to that which had about a 15 minute wait due to horrible capacity (only a few ships on the track and one of which was broken). It was relaxing and it was cool being able to see all the water park's slides from about 20 feet up.

I went on the boomerang next (I'm the only one in my family who rides coasters). 1 train wait for the middle. The op stapled my restraint which I thought was a bad thing but because the restraint was so low, I had almost no headbanging in the cobra roll which made it a much more enjoyable ride than last year.

I needed the credit at Rollie's Coaster (almost 30 minute wait last year and no way I was going to wait that long for the ride since I also went on a Tuesday special day and didn't want to waste the time). It was about a 7 minute wait. This was my 50th coaster and I kind of wish it was a more memorable ride. The OTSR's were completely not needed and the ride just wasn't that fun. Not something I would ride again unless it was a walk on.

We were done with this pier and headed over to original Morey's pier. The giant slide was first and as it was last year, 1 lane was being used despite it being a 12 lane slide. The wait was about 10 minutes. It was a fun ride but not worth the wait. It's dissapointing to hear it will be gone after this year since it's an original attraction and was popular with families. Not having time for Dante's Dungeon last year, I was looking forward to trying it this year. Only a 5 minute wait and the tour of the dungeon begun. I liked how it had uphill and dowhill sections and wasn't bad for a shore park darkride but even with no line after I got off the ride, I decided 1 ride was enough.

I was looking forward to trying Great Nor'Easter as I had really liked the ride last year. However, that was also before I had ridden a B&M invert so I wanted to see if it was great as I had remembered. 2 train wait for row 3 (only 1 train running). The ride wasn't too rough but after getting used to B&M inverts, I had little tolerance for the headbanging in the inversions so I wasn't going to ride again.

I saw Doo Wooper only had about 5 people in line which was surprising considering Wild Mouse rides always seem to have a long wait. The trims were on at 1 point in the top half and the ride wasn't as intense as the ones at Dorney and Hershey.

Zoom Phloom was next which I remembered to be a great flume ride. The wait looked to be about 20 minutes but due to the number of boats on the track (there were a ton) and fast loading with the ride ops asking for groups of 1 or 2 to help fill up empty boats, the wait was a little over 10 minutes. I love how this is a very long flume ride with 2 great, steep drops. The new "Under The Boardwalk" themed area when the ride goes under the pier was a nice new addition as well.

At this point it was about 5:25 and that meant less than a half hour at the last pier (drove instead of walked due to time). I was really only interested in 1 ride on the last pier, Great White and was determined to get as many rides in possible before my wristband expired at 6 p.m. The wait for most of the rides was 1 - 2 trains. It seemed to be rougher in the back then in the front but I still enjoyed the ride. As soon as the car was in the station, I had my seatbelt unbuckled and lifted up my lap bar as fast as possible in order to be the first one out of the train so I could run down the exit steps and back in line. I managed to get 4 rides in by 5:57 when I was in line for my last ride. I decided to wait for the front because once you are in the station, even if it is past 6, you can still ride. It was only a 4 train wait and I was off the ride by 6:06 which seemed faster than I expected.

At this point, the wristband had expired and I was tired from running down the exit steps and running up the station steps so we headed home.

Overall it was a great trip with very short lines and for the most part, very good operations. Morey's is still the best sea shore park I have been to can't wait until I have the chance to visit again.

Morey's is one of those places that scream: "Good Times For All." It doesn't matter if it's kiddie rides, tween rides, thirll rides (The Malestrom may be one of the sickest rides I've ever seen) and a few coasters.

The atmosphere of the place is incredible.

They score a few extra points from me because I remember when I lost my wallet there one year, someone found it, returned it and I got it back with dinero in tact.

Question: What did they do to the flume when it goes under the pier? DId they add effects, etc? The last time I was there, it was fake catacombs, with an employee stationed before the second lift hill. There also was once a false waterfall effect - where the log looked like it was going to get drenched under there, only to have a trigger stop the flow of water when the log approached.

Memories of Great Times. Thanks for your update!

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

The song "Under The Boardwalk" plays and you see fake boardwalk posts with people's initials on it. There are some cutouts of people around a camp fire on the beach, and there are neon cutouts of a 50's or 60's car and a 60's VW bus. There was also some sea monster right before you get to the part where the employee is. There might have been 1 or 2 more things. *** Edited 7/26/2006 7:00:28 PM UTC by YoshiFan***

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