Morey's Piers (5/31/2003)

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Tuesday, June 3, 2003 1:13 PM

What started out as a “short stop” to ride Zoom Phloom (it was closed during our 2001 visit), turned into pretty much of an all day stop.

The weather was not the greatest when we arrived, but we decided that if we just get one ride in on the Phloom we would be satisfied. First though we decided to get a bite to eat and we each got a HUGE slice of pizza at Curly’s at the entrance to Morey’s Pier. As we sat down to eat, the rain started to come down rather hard and the people working at Curly’s started “battening down the hatches” against the wind blowing off the Atlantic.

We finished eating and my wife got bundled up in her rain poncho against the storm and we headed off for the Phloom. We decided to buy individual tickets for this since we did not expect to be there all that long. We boarded and off the lift hill we went. The wind and blowing rain made the experience all that more surreal. Anyway… a great ride. The smallest drop is bigger than the main drop on many flumes and both drops are very steep. The run under the boards is fun as is the run between top of the second lift and second drop… it really moves fast up there. The splash down was very wet, but with all of the rain, we really didn’t notice.

Being so close, I decided to buy a few more tickets and hop a ride on Great Nor’Easter. My favorite SLC… even better in the middle of a rain storm. The next ride I decided to grab was on Flitzer. Nothing much to this one… but one for the count that I didn’t get a chance to ride last time.

With the rain easing up, we boarded a tram on the boards and headed down to Wild Wheels Pier. The weather was breaking, so I did some calculating and figured that if I did 6.5 rides on Great White an all day wrist band would pay for itself… so the choice was obvious.

I got 12 rides in a row on Great White. It has aged well in the past two years. Very smooth in the front seat with very good air in the back seat on the first drop. In light of the tragedy at Holiday World this past weekend, an event on Great White now makes me think. After about my 8th ride, the ride op checking restraints must have realized that I “knew the drill” and didn’t bother to check my seat. Needless to say, I had the belt pulled tight and the lap bar down as far as it would go… but had I not…

Anyway, our parking was only good until 6pm, so we decided to head back up the boards at around 4pm. We made a quick stop at Mariner’s Landing and I hopped a ride on Moby Dick… a strange flying carpet / rainbow type ride that really gets me in the stomach, Sea Serpent (much rougher than what I remember), and Rollies Coaster.

Our other goal for the day was to ride Den of Lost Thieves on the boards just across from Mariners entrance. Not a scary dark ride, but the interactive part of it makes it fun. Troubling part is… my wife our scored me 580 to 270. (gotta remember not to P her off when there are fire arms handy!)

Parked near Morey’s Pier, we walked back to there. Before we left, I jumped one more ride on Great Nor’Easter and the Zoom Phloom. This time on the flume I sat in the front and saw just how steep those drops looked before you plummeted down.

Our next trip to the Jersey shore is already shaping up… On our drive home on Sunday, we headed up the coast to get a pic of a Absecon Light House in Atlantic City (my wife likes light houses) and on the way we made a quick stop at Ocean City. Playland and Wonderland Piers were closed at the time…. And in the rain it was not certain if they would open. From out side their gates, I did check out their coaster collection… a Flitzer, a small looping coaster and a strange little wildmouse at Playland, and a City Jet at Wonderland. Next time we visit wildwood, having done all of the coasters at Morey’s, I guess we will just have to drive up here for a quick stop.

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