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Monday, May 26, 2008 9:03 PM
We decided to take a trip to Wildwood yesterday. With it being Memorial Day weekend, I expected big crowds and planned to just buy points and ride Great Nor'Easter with the new restraints, Great White and the Zoom Phloom. Arriving at the first pier, Great Nor'Easter was a 1 train wait and Zoom Phloom appeared to be a 10 minute wait so we went from the wristbands.

Zoom Phloom is my favorite non Disney flume. It's long and has 2 drops with a little dark ride type section. It is very fast loading as well.

I was really looking forward to trying Great Nor'Easter's new trains. Only the blue train was running. It reminded me of the restraints on a B&M Flying Coaster but thicker. The good thing about the new trains is that I had no headbanging in any parts of the ride. However, there was so much shuffling, vibration and rattling throughout the whole ride it was a bad experience. I only previously rode once in 2006 and once in 2005 and don't remember it being that bad, so I don't know if it's the new trains causing this or it was always like that and I never noticed it before. I also noticed on the entrance ramp there is a sign saying if you bring a cell phone or other loose article on the ride and it falls out during the ride, the police will be called and you could be fined up to $1,000 and get up to 6 months in jail. Needless to say, I held my hands over both my pockets on all the coasters that day (normally I wear cargo shorts with zippered pockets when I go to the park but this was an unexpected trip).

Flitzer was closed when we got to the park but opened a few minutes after I got off Great Nor'Easter. Even with about 25 people in line it was still over a 10 minute wait. This was the final credit I needed at Morey's and skipped it in 2005 and 2006 due to the long line. I noticed they modified the trains to have a bar that slides over the opening to the train during the ride. Still, I didn't like it that much, but I knew that going into it as I don't like the Flitzer at Ocean City, NJ and only rode this one for the credit. I didn't feel like waiting for the Doo Wooper because it's a boring mouse and I didn't want everyone to wait for me to ride so I skipped it this trip. I went on Dante's Dungeon since it was a walk on and I like the multi levels it has.

Atmosfear was a walk on. It was a lot higher than I was expecting, the drop was good but I prefer S&S Turbo Drops more.

Since the Mirror Maze and Giant Slide were closed, we went onto the next pier.

We went to Sky Ships first, no one was in line which was a surprise since it always has a huge line due to a very low capacity and only around 8 - 10 cars on the track at once and it's a 10 minute ride. The waterpark appeared to have no more than 200 -300 people in it and the other waterpark on the Great Nor'Easter pier was closed.

The Paddleboats were closed so we went to the Pirates of Wildwood, Tea Cups and Crazy Bus. Sea Serpent was closed for a daily inspection so I went on Rollie's Coater since it was only a 5 minute wait even though I hate the OTSR's and the sudden stops.

Sea Serpent was still closed and a huge line had formed outside the entrance so I skipped it as well.

The final pier was the Great White Pier. 20 minute wait due to only 1 train being loaded. The 2nd train was being cycled but not loaded. Of course right after I get off the ride, they start loading the 2nd train. It was a little more rough than I remembered but not too bad. We went into the Clown Maze next, more difficult than I remembered and finished the day off at the Curse of the Mummy Walkthrough. I was expecting more than bascially just a bunch of 3D neon pictures but the rotating barrel at the end was cool.

Overall it was a good trip, with lines shorter than I was expecting for the weekend but longer than typical waits at Wildwood.


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