Morey's Pier Spanning Coaster?

Any news on this lately? It seems to have dropped off of the radar (and forums).

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From what I hear, the economy has caused them to delay the ride. 2015 is probably the earliest it will open.

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Is this the same economy producing record results for Cedar Fair, Six Flags and Disney?

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This is New Jersey. It's like a different country.

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I'm not saying it makes sense. It's just what I heard, from someone who talks directly with the Morey's on a regular basis.

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I know things have gotten slow enough in Ocean City, NJ that a few fast-food places have shut down, and newspapers have cited the economy, the housing market, etc. I'd suspect Morey's is just looking at the up-front cost of the new ride, crucnhing the numbers from the past couple of summers, and realizing it doesn't make a ton of sense to blow several million dollars right now.

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Thanks for bringing this up, I had started to fuhgettaboutit.

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Jason Hammond said:

I'm not saying it makes sense. It's just what I heard, from someone who talks directly with the Morey's on a regular basis.

This person doesn't sell some sort of frozen snack at the park by any chance do they?

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No. :-)

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I wonder if anyone on 'Buzz has some inside information they can't share....LOL!

I might be thinking too much, or not enough, but to me this might be more of a multi-year project, so starting after the 2013 season might (would?) open the ride in 2015. The extended basis might be leading the park to think of revenues with which to build the ride also on those timelines. My recollection from previous discussion is that Morey's operates in a very constrained fiscal manner, and isn't really a business that would take on debt to finance an expansion of this magnitude. If they really wanted to see, say, three years of increased busness before proceeding, that *could* be more in line with their longer time frame for this ride.

Nonetheless, like Flying Turns, whenver it opens...I'll make the trip!

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P.S. Maybe the popularity of Jersey Shore meant more business for the more centrally-located beaches at the expense of South Jersey?

Aw, jeez, I hope not. Last year I was in Philly over Memorial Day weekend for a convention and stayed into the following week, planning to hit Six Flags and Morey's. SF was a go, but to my shock and dismay Morey's wasn't even open that week. So by default I spent the time at Seaside Heights. Now, I'm a big fan of run down and tacky, but that place... The amusement piers didn't operate til Friday, no less, and the Jersey Shore cast was busy terrorizing Italy at the time, so there was no fun whatsoever.
It wasn't until my last night there that I realized Jenkinson's was a ten minute drive away. That place was a gem, but still not enough to keep anybody busy for the better part of a week.
Morey's is still on my bucket list..

I am not sure who talks to the Morey's on a regular basis, but the coaster is not delayed due to the economy. The engineering is complete, and a vendor was chosen. The trigger has not been pulled yet.

Other projects have gained more attention on the wish list including major waterpark additons thsi summer at BOTH parks plus an overhaul of one of the company owned hotels. They are also planning Wildwood's largest hotel, which will be the anchor the convention center.

It will get built, just not next summer.

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trigger has not been pulled yet = delayed

other projects getting attention first = not making enough money to do projects simultaneously

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No and no. It means a family owned company has a huge wish list, and they historically have made changes based on what they feel is their best return on investment. Its a fact that that both waterparks are busier, and they needed capital upgrades.

The Wildwood Boardwalk is unique, and GCI retracking the Great White proved to be much needed. You have to maintain what you have. The coaster is coming, its just not needed today. The piers do not have the excess land to get into an arms race, so therefore the ride must be a winner from the start. It was probably announced pre-mature that one was underway. It was announced well before any engineering work was done, or GCI was selected.

It will also utalize North Wildwood and Wildwood, which means another 1000 pages of paperwork in New Jersey. Its coming, its just aother projects move to the top of the list and become priorities.

In this article they peg the cost at 10-12 million. With all the other stuff they have going on that's a pretty big nut for a company of that size.

They put their guest count at 1 - 1.5 million so do the math LOL.

They did all the preperation for it, by getting rid of the Condor and moving Dante's Dungeon. It's just a matter of getting their financial house in order.

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It's not the same situation but let's remember how long that highway-spanning wooden coaster in Erie PA took to become reality.

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DejaVuNitro said:

It's not the same situation but let's remember how long that highway-spanning wooden coaster in Erie PA took to become reality.

Morey's situation sounds like an in-house issue, not a legal battle from the neighbors. Waldameer was ready to spend the money back in 2000.

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I'm glad they were delayed because I'm pretty sure Ravine Flyer II would be lacking a few signature features if built in the early 2000's.

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@ AJFelice.... never underestimate the regulatory cluster**** that is New Jersey.

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