Morey's It opens Memorial Day weekend

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When a new, $1.5 million, pendulum-style ride known simply as "It" officially opens on Memorial Day weekend at Morey's Surfside Pier, it will be the culmination of more than two years of designing, manufacturing, and installation.

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It's almost too bad they couldn't save the "it" name for the new woodie next year. The marketing behind the name would be more fitting for a higher profile attraction IMO. Still, I think it's a great name for a thrill ride in general. If they end up naming the new coaster the Wild Woodie, that will be very fitting.

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

Heh. Woodie.

It = worst name ever.

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If "It" was a good name for a ride someone would have used it already.

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Some people will say that "It" is an ingenious name, but not me. "It" is the exact opposite of ingenious, in my opinion.

I cannot tell! Suffice to say, this roller coaster is one of the words the Knights of Ni cannot hear! ;)

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