Morey's FEARS Sneak Peak and Official First Night Oct 13/14

Thursday was the Sneak Peak for invites and staff, everything opened on time. Guests will find the front of Mariners Landing decorated many off color lights, fog machines, etc.. Jumbos Boardwalk Grill and Mariners Arcade's interiors are heavily decorated, from the bar areas to the redemption counters. Even each game and food stand including Curley's Fries have individual decor. Check the side of Jumbos in the window of Lil Jumbos, the 3 babies eating body parts is just plain nasty. I saw these same 3 at Cedar Point in September. Nasty.

The pier is gated behind the double decker carousel, which is rotating backwards and playing distorted music. Once inside, the Scooters, Music Express, Rollies Coaster,, Moby Dick, Pirates of Wildwood, Sea Serpent, along with a hevily themed Tea Cups are open. The Ghost Ship is the anchor draw with additional live actors filling new spots inside the ship. Its been reported that more people have entered than have exited on Friday.

On the south side of the pier is CarnEvil, and outdoor maze. Many stunts abound here including an exploding popcorn machine, a life sized jack-in-the-box (its not Jack Morey inside), and games of chance where if you win you still lose. Do not look inside the trailer.

On the beach is Cornstalkers. You have to traverse a long winding trail through Raging Waters. This walk thru is becoming the sleeper hit, and is packed with scarecrows run amuck. Again, do not look into the out house.

There are also many games and more food stands open. The Waffles and Ice Cream stannd next to the Sea Serpent is now the 'Soup Cauldron' with many varities of soups and chowders. There is also new pumpkin funnel cake, hot cider, pumpkin bowls w/ice cream, and inside Jumbos guests will find many new Halloween themed adult beverages and food options. Terror on the Boardwalk is a winner!

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