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Was hoping to hit Morey's Piers before the end of the season.. but the way Irene is aiming right for the southern part of NJ, there may not be a pier left when she gets done with it..

Just another Mike..

Yeah, but the rides on concrete pillings will be fine. Its 4 piers by the way.

Also, they're piers on a beach near the ocean. I strongly suspect that they're designed to withstand most all weather scenarios that one might expect to encounter on a beach near an ocean.

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Maybe the winds will be strong enough in PA to knock over flying turns. Then they can just forget about it for good =) By the by, Knoebels has had some substantial floods in years past. Hopefully they will be alright this time around along with the east coast pier parks.

Sky's the limit.

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^I was just at Knoebel's this week and work is progressing on Flying Turns. They have a large flat panel television with a video on it, nice display, etc. Kudos to them for sticking to it and being underdogs :)


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