Morey Wildwood New Coaster

Attendees Way not post the pictures of the submitted coaster designs / model.
Did everyone sign non-discloser forums ?
whats the big deal ?

Here is info from today from my ACE rep. :

New Wood Coaster in the Works for Morey's Piers (Enthusiasts Offer Suggestions at Focus Group)

During Morey's Piers' "Coastin by the Ocean" event, Morey's invited attendees to participate in a special focus group at the Wildwood Convention Center to get feedback on a new wooden roller coaster that is in the planning stages for a future install. Angel Daniels of Morey's Piers reports that they were very pleased with the feedback received and are taking the suggestions very seriously. Here is a brief bullet point synopsis of those plans. Keep a look out for the first issue of our newsletter for much more information.

- The proposed coaster will be a classic wood coaster that will span between two amusement piers- Morey's Surfside Pier and the former Hunt's Pier

- Morey's has reached out to GCI and Premier for proposals and designs that will be reviewed by Morey's before an official decision is made

- The coaster will potentially be painted white like the traditional woodies of yesteryear

- Tracer lights were a popular suggestion among coaster enthusiasts

- Many key elements that should be incorporated into the design were discussed like the need for airtime, tunnels, types of restraints and an optimum station design

- On-board music was a proposal by Morey's but it was suggested that music may not work on a wood coaster due to noise and train design especially if the designer is GCI

- Traditional metal wheels were preferred over polyurethane found on El Toro , etc.

- Suggested names were Riptide and Pier Pressure

As far as we know, there is no set timetable for the opening of this coaster although we would not expect it to happen before 2009. Of course, stay tuned for any news on this exciting new coaster as it develops.

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