More X2 details as opening approaches...

Here's some new information regarding X2 which hasn't been uncovered until now, some of them pretty interesting.

- "Most impressive, executives say, will be an on-ride audio system that "makes the one on [Disney's] California Screamin' sound like AM radio," General Manager Tim Burkhart (from article, link at the bottom of page)

- The trench in which the first drop levels out in will be filled with fog, which is designed to created a "vortex-effect" as the trains pass through that section.

- Flame throwers go off after the second Raven turn.

- Riders will be "cooled off" after the flamethrower blast by misters, which will be blown at riders in the final block section before the unloading area.

- Newly designed wheels for the coaster are much more durable and stronger, which have lasted hundreds of test runs, compared to the wheels on the first generation trains, which had 18-20 wheels replaced EVERY SINGLE DAY that it operated.

- "We took more than 20,000 pounds out of each train," he said. "A Goliath train weighs 18,000 pounds, so we took the equivalent of the weight of an entire Goliath train out of each train on X." - General Manager Tim Burkhart (from article, link at the bottom of page)

The last one was the one that astonished me the most, while the on-ride audio system (reportedly 24V compared to California Screamin's 12V) sounds the most intriguing feature yet. It's incredible how they were able to reduce so much weight, yet create a more rigid train structure though. A whole Goliath train! Amazing how much technology can progerss in just half a decade.

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As an added bonus, the fog, flamethrowers, and subsequent mist effectively dry-clean any clothing you're wearing whilst riding.
I think it is amazing that the "new"ride will open in less than a week and we still know so little about how it will be.

I'm kind of curious about the audio system - where will it receive it's electricity from and how is it going to be synched with the track?
X is a damn loud coaster - the whole park is pretty brutal for the ears btw- -
I hope the audio on X2 won't hurt.
It all sounds pretty incredible though - If they can pull it all off, they definitely have a top notch global sensation on their hands again.

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^The only thing loud about X is the lift. The new trains are very quiet when going up the chain lift, obviously a new anti-rollback design.
^ The ride itself is pretty loud too when it cycles the track. Not anywhere as loud as a B&M, but loud enough.

Will the weight of the train affect the speed in anyway?
One of the things I'm most interested to see is if they have changed the loading/ unloading situation.

Car comes in, seats rotate down, people get out, seats rotate up, car moves ahead, seats rotate down, people get in, seats rotate up ... and in between that comes all sorts of problems with restraints etc., and etc., and etc. (and etc.). I really love this ride, but that part just makes me nuts, especially when there was only one car running.

I haven't seen anything about any change in regards to any of that, but I would have a hard time believing that they wouldn't realize this would be the time to address that problem as well. Especially with three cars running - what good is that if the loading/ unloading platform hasn't changed it's timeframe of getting people on the ride quicker.

X2 will have a single loading/unloading station.
I've never been too big on audio on coasters and X2 isn't likely to change that. Oh well. Maybe I can just wear some ear plugs or something while I ride ;)
Now I'm very happy! Scottt, thanks for the update on the loading/unloading station.
They probably used the Disney method to charge the train for the on board audio. Disney placed an electric bar at the back of the train and while its loading, it charges up the system for that cycle.
Just got back from X2 Media Day today and yes they had a crazy on board soundsystem that played anything from Aerosmith, Mettalica to Frank Sinatra while you are on the ride(yes, Frank Sinatra!!!!)

The Fire effects were partially working as it is windy in this part of the country today(freak storm for this time of the year here) but when i experienced it, it was definatly noticable. You will feel the heat and see the fire while on the ride

The Fog effect after the first drop was very cool aswell. There is a big and i mean BIG screen TV in the station now, only one loading/unloading station so that should cut down on time.

The trains are cool, not that much smoother(if you need a smooth ride, inside seat should be your choice)

Here is a link to the official prnewswire link( i know we can not post other websites on here that have excellent coverage already online about todays events. Flamethrowers on a coaster makes this ride though. Good times! *** Edited 5/23/2008 5:21:27 AM UTC by Alexatucla*** *** Edited 5/23/2008 5:24:52 AM UTC by Alexatucla***

Ah this is one of the reasons I love living in the heart of the Greater Los Angeles County area.

Three major theme park attractions opening up within a one hour's drive of each other within a span of two weeks. The Simpsons Ride, Pony Express, and X2/Thomas Town.

And then a few weeks later I have Toy Story Midway Mania! to look forward too.

The best part is that I don't have to drive more than 50 miles to get to each of those! :) :)

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I'm suprised that they're going with fog on the first drop just out in the open. My experience on S:RoS SFNE is that the fog is infinitely more effective in a tunnel or enclosed space.

So did the Crystal Method/New Order station music go away?

And how do people exit the station if it's just one block? Do they just shuffle them all towards the back?

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Other than improved maintenance, what was the point of the new trains? I seem to recall they were hailed as the new vehicles that would facilitate a smoother ride. Was that money really well spent? The track looks great and the new additions are neat; are they really worth all that money?
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Other than improved maintenance, what was the point of the new trains?

Do you need more of a point than that?

Exactly. My main bickering points were always the horrible capacity, and the ride being down every other weeks. I had no idea that they were practically rebuilding entire trains with new wheels on a daily basis.

But it's still an Arrow ride, and will ride like one. Love it or hate it.

There is only one loading/unloading station now that should improve capacity.

Tim Burkhard stated during West Coast Bash that the reason for the new trains were reliabilety and maintenance not to make the ride smoother.

They had to change the wheels on X after each and every day of operating the coaster. Since they tested the new trains and wheels they did not had to change them once.

For some reason X was fairly smooth at the end with the old trains and nothing compared to the violent days 2004-6. Not sure why that is or what they have done. It is not B&M Smooth, but tolerable. Great ride and i am sure millions of more people will be able to enjoy it now

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Wish there was a 4-D somewhere in the Midwest. Looks like a very unique X-perience.

(insert rim-shot here)

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