MORE "new" wood for '07...

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Didn't get many "takers" on the wooden wild mouse reconstruction in England...maybe THIS will do better...

It's the return of Thunder Eagle!

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Last I checked, the park and locals were disputing over the construction of the ride. The local zoning commision was stating that the ride was over the height limit, but the park was arguing that they had existing attractions that were approved, also over the height limit. I have never ridden Thunder Eagle, but from what I have heard, I did not miss anything.

Real men ride wood... coasters that is!
Phoenixphan, you'd do well to read the link given before replying.

Yes the coaster had tons of trouble being relocated to Canada, The new location is a park in Mexico which doesn't have any laws!

Chuck, who knows theres laws there but it seems the only ones they inforce are the ones against the govt.

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he new location is a park in Mexico which doesn't have any laws!

No laws at all? Wow...must be mayhem and chaos all over the place there!

Did you read my closer? Enforce LOL.

Chuck, who has heard many areas of Mexico are mayhem and chaos.

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Having travelled extensively in Mexico I can only tell you that my experiences are to the contrary.
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This is near Juarez, Moosh...

I visited briefly, walking across the bridge from El *experience* was that the only "laws" being followed were simply those of supply and demand...

Shortly before his passing Steve Urbanowitz wrote a TR on URC describing Mexico city on his preview of Superman. He described seeing four accidents at one intersection within the span of a lunch at a diner. He said that riding in the cab was like driving Knoebels SKooters and praying nothings going to hit you (Like that ever happens)

Chuck who believes Mooshy but frome what I understand, many places south of Mexico city are in almost a constant state of civil war.

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Constant state of civil war? Have you ever been to Mexico, Chuck? I spent almost a week in Mexico city and travelled by cab extensively. I didn't find the drivers any crazier than what I witnessed in NYC, lol!

Gator - El Paso used to be a city I visited for business often and I ventured over to Juarez on more than one occasion. I can only say [again] that your experience was different than mine.

Now, back to the topic at hand....

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Chuck my man - back off our Southern friends - yes friends.

The real Mexico is not what you see at the border towns (TJ is a riot though) or the resorts.

I spent 10 days in Guadalajara not too long ago. In the City of Roses few people spoke English and almost everyone was friendly - even though my Spanish "mucho sucko'd". At no time did I feel unwelcome. Sure the city has some grime and crime. But then so does it's US demographic counterpart, Chicago.

Judging a nation on what you see in movies or TV is a bad idea.

I will me returning to Guadalajara in February and look forward to visiting Selva Magica and riding an Anton Jumbo Jet even if I already got the "credit" when it was Glissade at BGE.

". . . don't you know baby that life is a scream!" - Gordon Gano

No Moosh, I've never visited and all have been first hand accounts told to me.

I have no reason to believe family lying to me but if your experiences are different Im happy for you. The family tells me that inner city about anywhere is fine as far as safety.

Thanks for enlightenment though. My Great Uncle (Recently passed) used to tell me how he'd daily go from his home in El Paso over the border for real Mexican food and cheap priced goods.


My son and I were fortunate to ride this coaster in Tennessee. It was a great little coaster and looked like it had only about 10 laps. It was a smooth fun coaster.
^^Nice Username :)

". . . don't you know baby that life is a scream!" - Gordon Gano

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Hmmm....TJ a riot? Gets me to thinking...they could use a good theme park. ;)

"I go out at 3 o' clock for a quart of milk and come home to my son treating his body like an amusement park!" - Estelle Costanza
My experience of Mexico was a bit different. The country is very diverse from its neighbor up north. I went down around Mexico city into the jungles. It was an experience seeing tribal folks in the jungles who never saw white people before. Mexico crime wise? I didnt see it much different then parts of America. I never felt threatened there.
The only bad thing I heard about Mexico City was from a friend who went on the Coaster Zombie tour last year. She said she got sick and I asked if it was the water, and she said "No, it was from all the pollution."
Thank god Moosh your Cab ride wasn't the hell ride I got when I was down there lol. I was praying for my life the entire time, the cab felt like the wheels where being held on by just one bolt/nut. On top of the wheels wobble-ing like crazy the driver had the gas pedal all the way to the floor, and made his own road rules along the way. These people weren't stopping at stop signs or lights at intersections, and driving on what ever side of the rode they wanted too. Man i'm telling you I thought I was going to die that night.

I never felt unsafe(outside of the cabs) or unwelcomed when I was there, there was also alot of rioting/protesting going on but outside of that I didn't think it was any worse then what you'd find in a major city like LA, NY, Chitown.

Back on topic

I've ridden Thunder Eagle and I thought it was a cool coaster, I'm not to big a fan of Wooden coasters in general. Yet I thought TE was was a great little woody;o) Glad to see it relocated and not turned into bonfire wood.

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Bad cab rides can be had in any major city in the world.
I thought it was a nice looking little coaster when I saw it in Pigeon Forge...unfortunately Race World was already closed up, and I never got to ride. I've heard it was a decently smooth coaster, nothing that would blow you away, but nice anyway.

This is one well-traveled coaster! Tennessee, Canada, Mexico, it'll probably end up in Europe before it's all said and done.

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