More industry news - the Disney Premier pass!

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Includes all theme and water parks on both coasts, parking, subscriptions to various Disney publications, fees for GOLF! All for "only" $700/yr.


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You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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Like I've already said elsewhere, this seems like a great deal, to me anyway. I just wish airfare was cheaper. :)

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^You were the very first person that came to mind, LOL.... ;)

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Awww. :) Well, just so you know, you're the very first person that comes to my mind when I see a VW MicroBus, tye-dyed shirts, or any roller coaster that I like for intensity reasons.

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The beauty of this is its <$100 more than the Florida Premium pass. (Assuming you didnt buy premium at DVC or Florida rate). So its almost a no brainer to upgrade to this, especially if you visit both sides as we often do.

Rest assured im looking at my premium right now and kissing it goodbye :)

I also suspect it may change the pricing for the other passes at some point soon.

The only issue I have is the cost will definitely limit the people who would latch onto this. If they moved these passes to monthly payments I think they could get more people sold on them as im sure not many want to shell out that much in one sitting.

I know there was discussion in doing that for Florida residents but no movement that im aware of on the out of state folks.

But bravo.. Ive been submitting suggestions to Disney to do this for numerous years.. Apparently someone got through to them.

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