More Disney Entitlement?

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This turned up on Daily Beast today. I have a cousin who is severely developmentally disabled*. I spent a year after graduating high school living with my aunt and uncle.

Aside from him, they had a tweenager and a toddler; I was there to help out. I understand that being out and about with someone differently abled can be taxing.

That said...

...reading this article, the things that crossed my mind were....

...her contact with Disney over this serious issue was one phone call, where she did not do to the thing I would do -- ask for a supervisor if I thought the person on the phone was not taking my concerns seriously -- and two tweets? That's all the effort she could expend on her child?

...wait. "A spokesperson confirmed...?" She reached out to a spokesperson? Not someone in Guest Services that could address her concerns, but a spokesperson who toed the company line?

..."Given that we are spending literally thousands for this vacation, Disney is asking our family to take a huge financial risk on them." No. Disney is not asking her to do that. She and her husband are deliberately offering to pay Disney thousands of dollars for the vacation.

Sorry to blather on.

* Which, I admit, was shortly after the invention of the wheel

Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.
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Agreed... it seems like they were fishing for a story and looking for reasons to cast Disney negatively. That said, if heat sensitivity is an issue, what accommodations to they need to make anywhere in Southern California? I'm guessing that the only possible resolution in their minds is line skipping, but I don't understand how being in line is different from traversing the park, stopping to eat, etc.

There are a lot of reasons I could be critical of the Disney theme park operation, but accommodating differently abled people wouldn't even remotely be one of them. They go above and beyond, and I've seen it countless times.

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That also crossed my mind... if heat sensitivity is an issue, why are you going to a place where that might be an issue without making sure the park will work with you?

Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.
--Fran Lebowitz

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If standing in a shady or indoor queue (which is almost EVERY queue at Disney) isn't going to work for you, maybe staying at home is the option. Or just staying out of So Cal?


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