More Construction at Dollywood, but not a ride

Hey I was told by a dollywood employee that they are going to build more stores in the park in the Market Sqaure area of the Park sounds like they are going make it bigger.
There was a rumor, that I don't believe, on another site that mentioned that a new coaster (2009 or later) might go in where the electric cars are - which is near market square. I believe that the Timber Canyon areas and beyond will continue to be developed to eventually connect to the rest of the park, perhaps near Slidewinder, and create a loop. For one, the cars are relatively recent addition (last 7-8 years maybe), and they're electric too which is a plus - yeah, i'm not buying it. Anyhoo - they're probably building more shops and restaurants in that area.
Speaking of Dollywood, There is some new animation on the Mystery Mine website. For now, we can see "The Tressel" portion of the ride. Not really worthy of it's own thread and the search function isn't working to put this in the appropriate thread, but check the link...

That's good that in all of this recent expansions that they are remembering the whole family needs something new and not just the thrillseekers. I will definitely give them that.
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Sounds Nice!

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Well the stores are due to open very soon , maybe in a few days.

As for the rumer of another coaster I really don't think that is true, but they may theme it to fit the area.

I don't think Dollywood's the type of park to take out the electric cars - that was my longest wait of the day last time I was at DW. Besides, they've got a ton of room over by Thunderhead and Timber Tower, closer to the entrance. I'd like to see a nice terrain coaster?

Austin the Ninja said:
I'd like to see a nice terrain coaster

DITTO! I'd love to ride a nice 6-7,000 ft. long Intamin ripping through the hills and valleys.

There aren't any pics or video that show the main drop in relation to the rest of the ride, is there? I only see the close up pic of it.

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Correct, I think. Based on the other Eurofighters, the main drop is the 95-degree drop straight off the lift. I'm not sure where, in the grand scheme of things, The Tressel portion of the ride is.

So, it's possible that Mystery Mine will have 3 drops of 90-degrees or more.

More animations are forthcoming.

Just on a side note,

The new ride at Bush Gardens Europe's new coaster is not going to be a Eurofighter! It is actully going to be a B&M Dive Machine called "Griffon." BGE has copy righted the name "Griffon."

Here is a link to RCPro! Scroll down half way.

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The Mystery Mine site posted some new construction pics and two new videos on Page 3 of the construction pics.

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