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The Ultra Twister sitting at Six Flags America

An SDC Galaxi from? (being sold in Dollars)

The Run-A-Way Train at Pharaohs Lost Kingdom

A Schwarzkopf Looping Coaster from? (being sold in Euros)

Also, IRG lists a B&M Suspended coaster for sale. Obviously they meant inverted. I didn't find any pictures or other reference to the ride on their site. It says it was built in 1996 and is for sale in Euros. But, RCDB doesn't list any B&M Inverted coasters built in 1996 in Europe.

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That Galaxi is also from Pharaoh's.

No idea where the B&M is coming from. The price is a steal at €1.5million.

Well, only 3 B&M's were built in 1996.

Montu, Mantis and Orochi.

RCDB lists Orochi as being out of operation.

Not only out of Operation, but it lists it as SBNO from 2007-2009. It is now listed as defunct at that park. This is the park that closes after the accident on their stand up. All the other coasters are still listed as SBNO. This implies that not only is this 1996 coaster closed, but has been taken down unlike the others which leads me to assume that the coaster in question is indeed Orachi.

Good price for a used B&M

...and with Orochi being relocated to Walygator Parc in France and being rebranded as The Monster for 2010, I think it's safe to say that that's the B&M and that the listing is just out of date.


The Schwarzkopf Looping Star is most likely from the traveling European show Funderlands. The description says park model but the photo clearly shows a portable model.

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That could very well be. But, just because it's a portable model, doesn't mean it wasn't at a park. Lagoon has a portable Schwarzkopf looping coaster. It originally opened in 1981 as part of German traveling fairs.

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hey thats my SFA picture of Ultra Twist! :>)


We all know of portable coasters that have found permanent homes. I think you kind of missed my point. Schwarzkopf was one of the few manufacturers who had park and permanent models of the same design of coasters. The difference is that a park model requires permanent footers, a portable model can be set up on any flat piece of land or a parking lot. The photo clearly shows the cross braces and pads indicative of a portable model, yet their listing says park model, which clearly it is not.

Of the four Schwarzkopf Looping Stars in operation at parks, three are portables. The permanent model is at Nagashima Spa Land and I don't think that one is for sale. I don't think any of the other three are for sale either, but I do know that Funderland has put theirs up for sale.

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I know I'm kinda "preaching to the choir" here, but not everyone is clear on the distinction, so here goes...

A portable model, even if installed at a permanent (aka "fixed-site") amusement park, is still a portable model. Permanent coasters..."park models"...have foundations. Scorpion at BGT, Dorney's Laser, both of Lagoon's Antons, IB's Tig'rrr, all are portable. Of course, if they stay stationary too long, it can become difficult to pull the pieces back apart...("slightly less portable?")... ;)

edit: Jeff S. posted while I was busy typing...slowly. ;)

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not everyone is clear on the distinction...

Not even the people who resell them :)

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rollergator said:
Of course, if they stay stationary too long, it can become difficult to pull the pieces back apart...("slightly less portable?")... ;)

Everything is portablw. Some times you just need a bigger wrench or torch! :)

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A portable Schwarzkopf looping coaster could mean the Doppel Looping that traveled North America up until a few years ago. Maybe Amusements of America or Conklin Shows?

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IRG just updated their Used Ride list. There is a 1989 Schwarzkopf being sold in US Dollars for $265K. According to RCDB, the only 1989 Schwarzkopf in the US was Astroworld's Viper though it actually opened in 1981 at Six Flags St. Louis as Jet Scream.

Even though the date on the Schwarzkopf could be considered wrong, I'm wondering if it is the Astroworld coaster. Because Ital also just added Astroworld's Ultra Twister for sale.

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That seems unlikely. We know Astroworld's SLC was stored at The Great Escape; the standup at Darien Lake and Ultra Twister at SFA. Six Flags kept those coasters presumably to reassemble them at some time in the future. The shuttle was sold to Joyland, and the Vekoma family coaster to Wonderland. The fact that some of these are now for sale is not surprising, we knew where they were.

The remaining three steel coasters were destroyed and sold for scrap and their trains moved to other SF parks--although I can't recall where Viper's train is. I suppose it is possible the steel structure has been hiding somewhere for the past 4 years, but I very much doubt it.

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Wasn't SFKK's Greezy's loop replaced with the one from Viper? I thought I heard that somewhere.

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SFKK's shuttle (which was called Viper in Georgia) had its loop replaced with the loop from the shuttle from California's Great America. I don't remember the logistics involved but somehow that shuttle ended up in the Six Flags Marine World's parking lot where it was stored for three years and eventually Six Flags moved the loop to SFKK. Those were both weight drop models and both were originally at the Mariott's Great America parks. Why one loop was better than the other is a mystery as both coasters were the same age, although the one in California had not been 'shuttled' around from park to park.

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Ah, ok, thanks. I was wondering why that loop was "better" myself.

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