More coaster shows to air in July

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Get the VCR's ready! The Travel Channel and Discovery Channel will air several coaster and amusement park related shows during the month of July. The schedule:

Discovery Channel

  • Making of a Coaster
    7/16 at 9 pm (rerun at 1 am)
  • World’s Largest Amusement Park
    7/16 at 10 pm (rerun at 2 am)

Travel Channel

  • World’s Best Thrill Parks
    7/8 at 8 pm (rerun at 11 pm)
    7/14 at 8 pm (rerun at 11 pm)
  • Thrill Parks Las Vegas Style
    7/8 at 9 pm (rerun at 12 am)
    7/14 at 9 pm (rerun at 12 am)
    7/21 at 12 pm
    7/22 at 2 pm
  • America’s Best Waterparks
    7/8 at 10 pm & 1 am
    7/14 at 10 pm & 1 am
    7/21 at 1 pm
    7/22 at 3 pm

For more information, visit the Discovery Channel and the Travel Channel.

While talking to Richard Kinzel he told me that he is staring in one of those two shows.

Cameron Willis
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On the Holiday World homepage it said to tune into Discovery channel on July 1st to see Legend and the Raven. Maybe they are on these shows?

Are those times in eastern or what?

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The World's Largest park is all about Cedar Point.
I can't wait till they air

coo only i'll be in europe at that time ! this sucks so bad! well I'll get someone to tape it for me!
V2 all the way
Do any of you know if they will re-show that 3 hour roller coaster special they had on the discorvery channel about 3 weeks ago?

BGW and PKD rock!
I thought that was a couple of different shows? I'm really looking foward to these, since I won't be getting to any of the big parks this year -- only 1 or 2 new coasters for me! :(

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So is that eastern time or western time or both?
Life is like a coaster---
You go up, down, turn-around, and upside-down...and then there's all that pressure on your head, too...
Looks good! Although some of them are re-runs.. most of those like like there are new!

(correct me if I am wrong, but Worlds Best Thrill Parks, Americas best water parks are old ones right?)

The lineup is looking good! (reminds me of my trip to Vegas... :)

Alan Jacyszyn
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Whos cares if they are reruns you still get to be reminded that you have to go there ride thator say I've road that one.It will be a fun month of July this year:)

CP is the best hands down even without a record
AHHH! MAN!!!! im driving to cedar point from az and i will be gone when ALL of those air!!!! ahhhh! then again, i can just set my vcr to tape (i dont trust anyone else to tape them for me....heh)
Does this mean they are going to show all parks like Valleyfair or Worlds Of Fun?
Id "World's Largest Parks" about Cedar Point or Disney World?

Largest parks will be about Cedar Point
I don't remember Cedar Point being the world's largest theme park!
Cedar Point, I'm shocked!!??

How about a show that goes under cover at smaller parks to get them out into the "Bigger" parks. Hasen't everyone seen enough of CP. How About SFGAdv, SFGAm, SFWoF, SFoG, and some of the smaller parks that never get as much air-time. But what can I do about it.
There is no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid people.
I thought that many parks were bigger than Cedar Point. I remember reading that SFWoA is 750 acres and Cedar Point is only 364 or something like that.
By largest Amusement Park, they are talking number of rides, and possibly popularity. Yes, the show is all about Cedar Point. They filmed some of my buds at Happy Friar! Look for them on the show!
Ceader Point has to get largest park it all ready has 14 coasters and i heard its adding 3 more!

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