MOON World Resort

I saw this on CNet and found it very interesting.

I could go into detail about what it is, but the video and the website do it all for you.


Official Website:

The idea is very cool and I can see Las Vegas or maybe Orlando getting a resort like this.

Sounds like COOL idea. You'd need a LOT of land to do this. Maybe somebody in texas wants something this big.

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Hello,, we don't have a problem....but we MIGHT have a new park for ya'll. ;)

Seriously, NASA and all....makes perfect sense.

Interesting..I first heard of Moon over 5 years ago. I remember back in 03 when it turned from a single Vegas resort, to a huge man-made island in the bahamas (a project similar to the Palm Islands in Dubai). That project was un-realisticly huge, and I think it's interesting now that the project has taken a new form again. I wonder if Moon, in whatever incarnation, will ever be built! :) *** Edited 4/18/2007 12:51:43 AM UTC by Peabody***

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While watching the video, it does seem a bit over the top, but many aspects of it look and sound like it could be done.

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