Mom says she was banned by Six Flags for her shorts at Frontier City

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A woman said a Six Flags officer threatened and body shamed her over shorts that were deemed too short for the Oklahoma amusement park. Six Flags, which operates the Frontier City theme park in Oklahoma City, said it does not body shame and Breedlove’s removal from the park was not because of her attire, but rather her behavior toward police, Six Flags employees and other park guests.

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Here's the thing... I suspect she was absolutely justified in her hostility, and I think it's bull**** to be turning it around on her. Some dude was uncomfortable about the way her butt made him feel, and he made a big deal about it, despite the fact that clearly countless other employees didn't notice or care. Then he's left mansplaining about why she's not appropriate. That's messed up. They have a water park... tell me with a straight face that nearly every woman in that park on any given day doesn't show more of their rear than this woman did with those shorts. It's a ridiculous double standard.

Society sexualizes the female anatomy and then calls it inappropriate. We need to evolve.

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"The park does not specify what the preferred length for shorts is, but said denim shorts below the knee are not permitted."

1) Obviously not relevant in this case.

2) What exactly is the problem with denim shorts extending below the knee?

Yeah, from what I saw, I don't see what was wrong with what she was wearing.

Jeff said:

Some dude was uncomfortable about the way her butt made him feel, and he made a big deal about it, despite the fact that clearly countless other employees didn't notice or care.

Except the original encounter was with a woman"“She followed me yelling and calling for backup."Then two more supervisors got involved. I never assume that any video of these encounters released by either party fully represent the situation. It seems like the woman became rude to the initial guard and that's what escalated things.

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Wait, so women can't sexualize other women and be made uncomfortable by it? There's an entire genre of TV shows dedicated to that phenomenon.

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Six Flags said it asks “that guests wear attire appropriate for our family-friendly environment and expect guests to behave in a family-friendly manner.

Must be a new policy because my trips to various Six Flags in the past definitely didn't fit this. Looking at you Great Adventure.


Family friendly? Most times I go to SFGAm I encounter groups of teenagers dropping f bombs behind us in line.

Man, I felt really old typing that.

As in - look at her shorts, her f’ing ass is hanging out.

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I don't see what the problem with her shorts would be anyway. They're just shorts.

Sounds like "park cops" on a power trip along with typical Six Flags customer service. What a combo.

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If it were consistent, I’d roll my eyes but have some understanding. Given how incocnaistent the application of this alleged policy is, it’s borderline criminal (and I mean that literally).

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I always appreciated women in tiny shorts, so I don’t understand why people complain. It’s way better than a fat dude with his stomach half hanging out, matted hair, scruffy beard, and French fry grease staining his shirt.

I know which one I would rather have exit the seat in the coaster train I’m about to sit in.

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I love advertising algorithms :)

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Perhaps they were thinking of...the children?

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