Mobile games are integrated into Disney theme park experiences

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The “Play Disney Parks” app, which launched June 30 and is only playable in Disney theme parks, is the first product from the Imagineers and The Walt Disney Company’s digital guest experience division that aims to capitalize on the game development bandwidth inside the company (Disney Interactive was also involved) and the ubiquity of gaming in today’s world.

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Great...but then they need more places to charge phones. One of the funniest things these days is seeing the odd places people find an outlet that they can hook up to for a time. There are fewer accessible outlets in those park than you might expect.

I wonder if the geography challenge in the Soarin' queue is incorporated into the app. I've always had fun with it, but I've never managed to be in line long enough to finish a whole round.

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I see more and more people carrying external batteries with their phones. That makes sense, because they're fairly inexpensive, and you can easily double or 10x your charge if you have to.

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Like Jeff, I see more and more external batteries. All the parks have battery pack exchange kiosks, usually in or near guest services, that lets you buy a battery and when it drains just swap it out for a fully charged one (the swap is free, the initial purchase is something like $30.)

Till I got a few good batteries I was one of those people that would find the unlocked and turned on outlets near attractions or restrooms lol. Almost all restrooms have an outlet on the outside, and usually a good place to sit near by. Disney has been adding more and more charging stations but they are still not as prevalent as they probably should be. And even most cast members don't know where they are located at.

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I miss the Galaxy S5 for that reason; two spare batteries in my pocket got me through the longest days. Now I think a charging case is the best option. It will easily get me through a 14 hour day of Fastpass, dining and searching for hidden Mickeys.

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We bought an external battery specifically for our Disney trip coming this Xmas. I plan on abusing MDE to check lines, book and modify Fastpasses mercilessly, and to check other apps like Touring Plans Lines for anticipated crowds and I know that’s going to take a lot of charge.

I was just asking in a Disney specific forum the other day for Disney queue scavenger hunts or games or the like, so this sounds very promising.

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