Mitch's 2008 Polls (Wood and Steel)

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Since everyone is in a voting kinda mood. :)

Looks like he's doing both wood and steel simultaneously this year.

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I used a neat site last year that let me pick the coasters I've ridden and then sort them manually.

I don't remember what it was called.

Edit - oh it was Coasterfanatics. nvm.

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Maverick is my #1 steel. I had a difficult time deciding if I liked Powder Keg or Mindbender better for the #4 spot...

But I chose Powder Keg.;) Worst steel coaster was Roller Soaker at Hershey; that thing was terrible.

Once again, Voyage is my number one wood. Hershey's woodies didn't make TOO big of an impact on my Top Wooden list (as much as I expected,anyway), but I did rank Comet pretty high. Worst wooden coaster was Wilde Beast at CW. It's the only coaster experience I've had where I was actually screaming in pain!

Can't wait to see the results!

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Wow, its been a year already? Time flies....
I think my voting this year will be shaken up since riding Georgia Goliath and Mindbender. Nitro still remains top steel for me though.

Thanks for the tip, Matt. That site works great. Doesn't help me pick which coaster is better than the next, but it definitely makes things easier.

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^You can always cheat by copying off of my ballot.... :) ;)

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