MIT students build roller coasters to encourage community engagement

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Read more from MIT News and watch this video:

Interesting design. I don't know why they didn't rip the plywood to reduce the track gauge.

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I think for lateral stability. The center of gravity is pretty high for the person. That's my guess. They're all geniuses, I don't question. šŸ™‚

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East Campus is also full of stoners and “weirdos.” They probably take pride in that.

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Too short. Terrible capacity. Train valleys every time.

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Backwards makes me vomit.

I thought the backwards seemed odd. Maybe it goes that way so that you don't see how close you are getting to the top of the back spike?

Looks like they have used a similar design before. Runs forward in some years.

So here's the question, if each year is a similar design, do you get a new credit for each year's version? :-)

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No thanks, don't need a recline in my coaster seat.

But really, it seems a very stable and safe design.

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