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I know BooBuzz hasn't been held for a couple years now, but I'm missing it more this year since Cedar Point won't be hosting a Halloweekends preview night like the past couple years. I thought BooBuzz was a great event every year it was held. The switch to a Friday night event made it even better, and the perfect excuse to check out the Halloween stuff with minimal crowds. 2006-2012 was a pretty good run. I can't remember much bad weather for any of those years.

The Cedar Point hosted event was great, but sort of self-destructed last year due to the number of entitled people that attended. This year it seems like they made some budget cuts as well, since they only invited a select few to media day.

I know Jeff moving down south had an impact on the future scheduling of events. Any ideas what next year might hold? I can understand that having both a Fall Affair and a BooBuzz is a lot of travel in a short time.

Anyone else looking for another BooBuzz? or BeastBuzz even?

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Sure, I would love the return of BooBuzz and BeastBuzz. Count me in. But in their absence I've done Fall Freak Out (CP) and CoasterStock (KI) which both honor CoasterBuzz Club memberships for admission.


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I would have told you to sign up for GOCC's Fall Freak Out, but registration is long since closed as the event is this coming Sunday. GOCC for the last few years, and for the foreseeable future, plans to hold their Cedar Point even the Sunday after Labor Day. So, mark it on your calendar for next year. :-)

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BooBuzz was a great event, but the park requires a fee that we can't really afford. The club agnostic events that the parks put on tend to be good enough or better most of the time.

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Ah, that's a bummer about the fee. I guess I always assumed there was no overhead for the club if a minimum number of people attended.

I did read about the Fall Freak Out a couple weeks ago. I think it may have been the last day to get registered. I'll definitely consider that for next year. The only downside is that they don't get the benefit of the Halloween activities in the park. I still think the Halloweekends preview event the park put on could work. They just need to charge for it similar to Coastermania.

Coasterstock will also be interesting since Kings Island has never done that type of event consistently. They did a similar event in '09 I believe, but then had no park sponsored event again until this year.

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If I'm being honest, putting on events has always been kind of a pain, even in the old days when I'd make a few hundred bucks for the effort. It's my least favorite thing to do. Then a few years ago, one of the parks basically said, "We'll take care of everything, you just promote the event." Those are a lot easier. That was the case for Holiday World a couple of weeks ago, and of course they're the most hospitable people in the world too, which makes it a joy.

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I wonder why the park isn't having their own preview night this year...

Oh, Wait...

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People keep acting like asses, there won't be any events there anymore. When are people going to learn?

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But.... But... But... The park only gave me a hooded sweatshirt, food and a beer, paid admission, an extremely discounted hotel room, and special VIP access. I wanted a golden goose!!!

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I want it now, daddy!

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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Cedar Point is not having a preview night this Friday, but they ARE having a coffin race. Who's game?


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Wish I could go...I'm always coffin'

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


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