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Friday, May 4, 2001 6:28 AM
Ive been asked to do this so here goes and i'm sorry if I drag on:

When we went to Miribilandia we were told that the journey from the hotel was about an hour so when we saw Katun after ten minutes we thought it a bit strange! We were there in 15 minutes!

We arrived at the park 30 minutes early and the torture was too much watching Katun FLY round it's course without me on it!! This thing is huge, it looks like a hyper but inverted!

We were led to our ERS and just for more torment although very good of them, the miribilandia staff treated us to a morning tea and pizza! The staff here are impecable.

We got to Katun and I was the first one on the front left. Off we went. i won't give a full ride report but WOW!! If you like airtime and just guesing here, I think one or two of you do, sit in the back right seat and you will float down all 160 ft of the drop!! The flat turn into the boomerand is intense, and the spiral helix up into the block brake is insane, you loose all sense of direction. The straight drop, A first for an inverted, is full of airtime at the back and they turned the brake off for us!! All I can say is WOW!!!

This park is not a one trick wonder though. It has what was untill Collosus Europes tallest woodie called Sierra Tonante, designed by Bill Cobb has a twister layout.

This is the most intense ride I have ever experienced, and sat in the front i blacked out at the bottom of the 120ft straight first drop. This ride is as rough as a woodie should be, and unbelievably intense in its two helixes!! A must ride! Although on my first ride, I shaved a layer of my two front teeth on the final brake as I didn't expect it, but no real contact made thank god!!

This park also is home to two S&S towers, one shot and one turbo drop, both are the best I have been on and i've been on a few!!

There are also nostalgic rides such as the School Bus!! Plus a 300ft BIG wheel which provides great photo's. There is also a superbly themed log flume which is based around cars and car washes etc, see it to believe it!! A powered coaster, and last of all a splash down called Nightmare Niagra, VERY WET!!

The whole park is beutifull and very well themed, this year see's the addition of a large Vekoma Roller Skater and next year??? if you ever get chance, visit this park, superb food, superb staff, superb rides, superb scenery, superb.

If you go in early september like I, for example the park is quite large, it was about 80, and there are plenty of rides, there was 300 people in the park all day!! Everything was walk on front, back or wherever.

All in all, my favourite park, I just hope I will get there again.

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