Miracle Strip selling, observation wheel in its future

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Miracle Strip Amusement Park is in negotiations with a company with plans to buy the park and build a massive observation wheel, the park’s owner said Monday. Teddy Meeks declined to identify the company yet but indicated it has the financial resources to build the new $7 million entertainment observation wheel the Beach County recently permitted.

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This article is so incredibly confusing.

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No it isn't. I get this from the two articles.

Teddy Meeks is the one who currently owns the park. He basically reinvented the place, up the road somewhere, pretty much in name only, after the original park closed. Now it's being sold to a new owner who wants to build a wheel.

This article updates a previous one claiming a wheel was approved by council and is on the way. In this update Meeks sets the record straight by admitting the variance was applied for in order to sell the park to someone who has the dough to build a wheel, and that was necessary to make the sale. What I noticed was there's no mention of whether his plans to rebuild the wooden Starliner (once again, in name only...) have gone by the wayside.

Comments to the article are from locals pissed that the park closed abruptly leaving them holding season passes that were promised good until the end of the year. There's no word in the article who the new owner is or what they plan to do to reopen the park as it currently stands, if or when.

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OK, I get it now. When I first read it I was misunderstanding that another owner was planning on building a wheel. Seemed like it was going back and forth with "We're selling." and "We're building a wheel." Just seems odd that an owner is speaking on behalf of a potential new owner.

I understand why the park closed "early" due to financial reasons, but it seems as if they sold passes with the intention of the park being open later in the year. To wash the bad taste out of the local's mouth, they should prorate a rebate on the passes sold.

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Yes because a giant ferris wheel gets you a much better perspective of the vast emptiness that is the atlantic ocean. Vegas I get. Orlando? Sure. Singapore, absolutely. Myrtle Beach? No clue.

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I'll allow that ferris wheels, generally, are a lot higher than they look once you're in them. But I never understood placing one in a city like Chicago. It always seems so dwarfed by the tall buildings right behind it, which you can go up in anyway, for a really spectacular view. And now they're replacing the theme park sized wheel with one the size of Seattle's.
Having said that, the wheel at Navy Pier is one of the most popular attractions in Chicago. Can any of our Central Florida friends tell us how the Orlando Eye is doing so far? Well, I'd imagine.

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Panama City Beach - Lower Alabama.

I thought the Meeks family really was invested personally in recreating a gulfside park in FL. Not sure what to think now...

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I've only been on the Orlando Eye once, but I have a Merlin "awesomer" pass (Legoland + Orlando attractions), so I can definitely go back. I'm thinking about making it a nice mid-day distraction one of these days. When we went, on a weekend late morning before school started, it was not even remotely busy. Diana, Simon and I had a gondola to ourselves. They've been back once since, but were paired with others only because they have a rule about having two adults in each gondola. The aquarium is actually very cool. The wax museum is kinda stupid, but I guess some people like that sort of thing.

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