Miracle Strip Amusement Park...(Redneck Riviera)

Wednesday, April 10, 2002 8:41 AM

Seeing as this is from LA (Lower Alabama), you may have to excuse the occasional "drift" into redneck-speak, for entertainment purposes only...;). Well, the work trip to Pensacola was certainly...eventful. Miracle Strip is located in Panama City Beach, which recently was listed as a "Spring Break hot spot" on E!'s Wild On show (with that sexy Brooke Burke...:)). Well, there are two coasters there, and some exceptionally cool flats. The unfortunate part was that one of the coasters was down for testing (as was the flume)....and it would have been our first outdoor Reverchon mouse!

The other coaster was certainly no disappointment, the 1963 John Allen gulf-side coaster called Starliner. Rode well during the day, nice out-n-back layout with a dragon's mouth tunnel, but later on it really started to run much faster for WAY better airtime. Beside the coaster is a trailer park, exceptionally...appropriate.

They have three ENCLOSED flat rides, with lights, fog, etc. We were only able to enjoy the indoor Trabant (Dante's Inferno), as the young lady running the Paratroopers was a bit too....generous...on the ride cycle. There were about 6-8 of us who got off the ride only to find the nearest bench/fountain/trash can. After that, the spin-n-spews were not high on the list. But I had to get one spin on what I believe was a Loop-O-Plane...will get a pic up soon so Dave can confirm that. NO more spinning after that. There were other good flats too, such as the Wave Swinger and train and car rides, and a very fun dark ride. I looked inside one of the other flats (Abomable Snoman, sic)...I believe it was a Troika. The last indoor flat was simply called The Dungeon, couldn't see what ride it was...

The "New for '02" attraction was certainly a biggun', called the O2 Tower....an S&S ride with both a turbo-shot AND a turbo-drop. Never been on an S&S that featured both before, and I'm guessing about a 180' tower to boot. Even with a queasy stomach, had to get one more shot before we left.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002 8:44 AM
I used to live in Pensacola and it bugs me that I never made it to Miracle Strip for the Starliner. I always heard it was a respectable coaster.
Wednesday, April 10, 2002 11:12 AM
The Abominal Snowman is a Scrambler. Cold A/C too if I remember. The Dungeon is a Tilt-A-Whirl.
First time I rode Dante's Inferno, Running With the Devil was still a fairly new song (released in '78). I used to go every year from about '77 until about '90. Then only every few years. Haven't been since '98.
Their train used to go back in the woods a little. Kinda scary at night. The Haunted Castle was always good for a laugh. As a kid, the silence as the wheels of the Starliner became airborn always scared me more than the Haunted Castle. Especially since it clacks so loud otherwise.

The paratrooper made you sick!? Doesn't bother me. The Spider did make me feel sick the one time I wrote it. After riding that thing, even riding the swings (soon after) made me feel sick. Only reason I rode it then was because I was on (high school) senior trip and my buddies wanted to ride it. One barfed while we were riding, and another after we got off. And I stay away from Tilt-A-Whirls, swinging boats, and Kamikaze's. And Monsters/Spiders.

They used to have a lot of good classic 70's arcade games in their arcade years ago. I'm sure they're all gone. (?)

See pics at www.miraclestrippark.com

What are the stats on the O2 Tower?

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Wednesday, April 10, 2002 6:23 PM

Well, Raptor Pilot, it seems that the S&S website has not been updated since the O2 Tower went in, no mention of the ride on their website. Miracle Strip's website doesn't give stats. The arcade apparently was reduced in size to accomodate the Tower, but still was decent in size and had some older pinballs, which I like better than most.... I'm guessing about 180-200' tall for the Tower.

Have to get back there some time for that sweet looking Reverchon, open sides, everything....they tortured us by testing the thing ALL nite...

Thanks for the info on those other indoor flats, would have been nice to ride 'em even though I'm normally not a big fan of spinning. Usually Paratroopers aren't really bad on me, but the ride cycle was FOREVER and a day (wish I knew the emoticon for queasy, LOL)...The train ride still went back into the woods, reminded me of Knoebels'. The car ride had cool cars, and the Haunted House was definitely a highlight.

There was also a waterpark across the street, can't speak as to the rides since it was too cold at 75-80 degrees...;)...AJ knows what I mean....

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Wednesday, April 10, 2002 7:29 PM

Miracle Strip was a HUGE surprise to me on my trip last year. I hadn't heard much about the place but was pleasntly surprised at the atmosphere overall.

The Starliner remains the smoothes wooden coaster I have ridden. Perhaps I rode it on a good day or something but I still can't believe how well that thing moved along. Nice surprises also.

The S&S wasn't up yet neither was the other coaster so it sounds like I missed out on a few things, but I am sure I will make it back there someday.

-Sean (who was there a mere 10 hours or so before Tropical Storm Barry hit)

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Friday, April 12, 2002 12:25 PM
Here's Miracle Strip Amusement Park:
Look for the red 'L'. On the other side (east side) of the park is the Starliner, running vertical length of the park. Snowman is 3rd building up from the L (1st or 2nd up is the bumper cars). North of that is log flume.

Friday, April 12, 2002 12:52 PM

that pic seems to be before the addition of the O2 Tower or the Reverchon mouse (according to Adam S., Reverchon's new building is in or near PCB)...but it does show the full-length arcade of "the olden days".

About an hour out of our way (from I-10), but I'll go again....Starliner was truly a classic. And the cycle on the S&S intrigues me to no end....

LOVE these smaller parks......atmosphere!


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