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I think Hersheypark might have gotten more strict with minimum temperatures this year. Wildcat and Sooperdooperlooper have been closed every operating day so far since the Christmas Candylane event started last Friday. Last year all the coasters scheduled to be open and the Triple Towers were running until the temperature dropped below 38 degrees.

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The coldest temps I've ridden in was at CP when it dropped to 12 degrees with a 2 degree windchill and was riding Magnum until midnight.

Not only would the ride likely not be operating, the record low in Sandusky, Ohio for anytime in the month of October is 24º F in October of 1981.


I'm sorry, there is no way that page is accurate! You are trying to tell me that the lowest Cleveland has gotten is are on crack! Those numbers might be valid for this year but not the past.

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In October? Seems bout right to me, and mighty cold enough. For October.

Edit to add:
The page shows the all time high for Dayton, Oh (and possibly the state) at 116 degrees reported on January 20, 1940.
So, never mind....

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