Miniland rises at Legoland Florida

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Scheduled to open Oct. 15, Legoland Florida is well on its way toward completion. In addition to more than 50 rides, shows and attractions, the 150-acre park will feature 15,000 Lego figures made of a combined 50 million small, plastic bricks. The buildings in Miniland are wired for electrical features such as lights, and the blocks are glued together with a special polymer so they remain intact while on display. An ultraviolet coating protects them from the sun.

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I didn't know about the protective coating. In Carlsbad, some of the more exposed models are starting to fade. I wonder how often they do complete rebuilds?

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I have quite a bit of experience working with UV coatings. There is no transparent coating that offers complete protection. All these inhibitors do is buy some time and slow down the rate of loss. Reds are always the most vulnerable to UV, so those tend to go first. (Think of all those originally red coasters out there that have faded to pastel pink over the years.) So in the end, it's always necessary to replace or repaint any pigmented surfaces.

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You just gotta find out what's in a Irishman's skin and adapt it to those UV coatings Mike..

I'll go from pale white to blazing red in no time when out in the sun!

Just another Mike..

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