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Monday, May 21, 2001 6:43 AM
To start off,i had my two kids with me so,this is why it's a mini(only two rides) trip report.My sister in law came along and gave us a few oppertunities to jump on Nitro and Rolling Thunder.

First off,i am very impressed with the season pass holder entry.For me having a three year old,it can be a bit of a pain because it's tough to drag him out of looney tune land.We had to hang out a half hour and wait for my sis in law and her husband and kids to get there so,My husband took my 3 year old through toon land and i saw that the left side of rolling thunder was open(10 minute wait) so i went for it.The left side has some great airtime and i experienced so much ejector Air on it yesterday my butt is actually sore.The left side(for anyone planning a first trip there)is definately the better of the two tracks so,i only ride so called "rotting Lumber" when i notice that side is running,it is much much smoother and loaded with decent airtime.2 decent rides on this yesterday.

On to Nitro....
I stated in general buzz and i'll say it again,Amen to the removal of those cable locks on the trains!The line was way out of the queue both times we waited for it but,we were pleasantly suprised that each time we waited no longer then a half hour!Great adventure i think has gotten the idea here.First ride was cool because it was the first time my brother in law got on it this year and we knew since we rode three times opening day he was in for a huge treat.We made him sit on the outside right of the backseat to ensure he got the best effect from the ride.Someone had said that Nitro has gotten better with time and,they were definately right!I don't know if the first three times i rode it, it being 38 degrees outside had anything to do with it but,i truly enjoyed my two rides yesterday a bit more.The airtime my frozen body was looking for last time was definately more intense yesterday.My brother in law was so blown away he begged my sister in law to let us ride again.I Won't get as detailed as others because i think everything i could say about it has already been said.I just wanted to post to let anyone who hasn't been on it and is planning a trip know ,not to be intimidated by a long line for Nitro because it does move seriously fast.


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