Mini TR: Six Flags Great Escape Lodge (04/04/06 to 04/06/06)

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Last monday, my parents and I decided to go try the new lodge at Great Escape (Lake George, NY) for... tuesday. Of course, my brother didn't object, so we secured a suite for 2 nights at 189$ a night. We drove there(no traffic or wait at customs) in 3 hours from Montreal. We checked in around 4 pm, got our suite right away and right away, I was impressed.

The style is a smaller WDW Wilderness Lodge. Nicely themed and decorated. Check in was smooth and efficient and we got our room on the first floor. We only had a short walk to the water park, which is on the lower floor. The room is large and confortable. Microwave and mini fridge is a good thing, since a Super Wal Mart is just down the road from the hotel.

As for the main reason we were here... The water park!

I loved it. No crowds and it was a dream... finally a water park where you don't have wall to wall people.

the lazy river is a bit short, but lots of fun, since the current speed varies and there's a lot of water jets and a few waterfalls to get you wet. You got a mini beach and a pool area with jets that allow you to access the lazy river.

The jacuzzi is large, but has no jets on the wall. All from the floor. Pretty interesting and relaxing.

The surf thing is hard! I tried half a dozen times and failed miserably each time, lol.

The treehouse with the water bucket is located over the lazy river pool areas and jacuzzi. Its small, but nicely done with 3 family body slides. Those are slow, but fun when the water bucket dump the water!

The 2 tube slides are mirror images and pretty fast and twisty. The change in elevation near the end is pretty surprising.

"Avalanche" is the family raft ride. It use a pretty novel way to get the rafts to the start point (litterally an elevator with a hook). The ride is extremely fast and actually intense. The best of that genre I've been on.

When we checked out, they gave us a coupon for thanking us for having stayed with them. Until may 18th and after september 6th, sunday to thursday, they offer us a 169$ a night rate!

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