Mini TR: Robb & Elissa at SFMM - 5/17/02 (X Closed

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Hey there everyone,

Since Elissa and I were done with work early today, we decided to head up to SFMM for a couple of hours on our way home.

A few interesting notes - X was closed today...AGAIN. We talked with some people in Guest Relations and they said it's been closed since Saturday and they are "hoping" to get it back open for memorial day weekend! What is going on with this ride? We know that it closed early Wed, May 8th when we were there, and it didn't open the rest of the day. And before that, it seems to
have been running with only one train.

On to other things. The park was really busy this afternoon! Busier than even this past Sunday. But we got in some good quality rides on Psyclone and Gold Rusher! =) Then we went for some decent rides, Granny Grand Prix and Canyon Blaster!

Lines were about 30-40 min for Riddlers, Goliath, Batman, Superman, etc, etc. We did notice however, much to our surprise, that not only was Deja Vu actually running, but they were dispatching trains every 7 1/2 minutes (we
clocked it!). Oh, well, it still had a 2 hour wait!

Without half the park waiting in line for X, the rest of the place really does get crowded. We were even shocked to see how long the lines were for Hurricane Harbor!

Anyway, we did have fun. I do hope they can get X open soon, as there was quite a number of annoyed people, especially with the heavy X advertizing campaign we've seen going on lately.

That's all for now!

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Wow. Last time I clocked Deja Vu's loading I got 4mins and 50secs. Looks like what's faster for you is slower for me. Oh well. How did you manage to get a good quality ride out of Psyclone lol. I hope X gets out of this funk of braking down. Anyways glad you had a good time.


Heck, it seems as though ANY loading time on DV is a rare thing nowadays. I guess the fact that it was running at all was a stroke of luck.

Hope they get X up and running for your next visit, Robb. I'm looking forward to seeing footage of that in your next Coaster Season vid! ;)

No need to wait for Robb's vid to come out next year; Clayton Hauck's "Coaster Mayhem 2001" which he's taking orders for now (email to get a copy) has TONS of X footage, including some POV.

Now about X, no one knows what is wrong with it. I can't believe they're closing the most popular attraction down on weekends, too. Something must REALLY be messed up!

I really hope they can work the problems out. I can't imagine Arrow not making any more of these amazing types of coaster. It'd be a huge loss for the industry.

Fiesta Fest Weakest Link contestant wannabe.

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Hmmm......I may give Clay Hawk's vid a look-see........but I will still wait in eager anticipation for Robb's next installment. and Elissa rule the theme park scene! ;)

Hey, I was there on Friday! It was deffinatly a bummer that X was closed. Especily that I went with my school and that was the ride everybody whated to go on.

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