Mini-TR: Knotts 4/12, plus construction update

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I spent a few hours at Knotts with Chris Godsey, who was out to cover Media preview days at SFMM and Legoland for Having conversed with Chris via email for some time it was nice to finally meet him in person.

Xcelerator - 2 rides, one in 5:2, one in 2:1. Fast, friendly and efficiant crew working single-train op [Red train is still in pieces]. Line was just past the end of the ramp. Waits were 20-30 minutes. This launch still blows me away.

Ghostrider - one ride, row 7:2. Two train op, only occasional stacking. Crew seemed to be working pretty quickly. Wait was about 45 min with bottom queue house almost full. No stapling, my ride up pulled *up* on the bar, not down. Coaster was running fast and furious as always.

Timber Mountain Log Flume - 20 min wait, line to the Lemonade Stand. Got unusually wet.

Joe Cool's Great Sk8 looked ready to roll and Revolution [or, La Revolucion as it might be called] was finally seeing some major vertical construction as all support and pendulum were erected. Ride vehicals are still being stored by Xcelerator and should be attached this week. Nothing happening at Reflection Lake...I expect work to begin there after the two new attractions are opened.


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Thanks for the *brief* TR Moosh....hey, how 'bout you sign on sometime....;)
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Gator - you'll see me tonight on the usual Bat-channel, and I won't forget to get started earlier this time ;)

"God bless Atheists!" - Homer Simpson

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