Mini SFA TR 7/6/07 Young man takes his first coaster ride

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Since my computer was getting fixed somewhat near SFA, I decided to stop down for an hour before picking up the computer. I got there around 3pm and parked in the 'culdesac' parking lot behind Bahama Blast, since the regular parking lot was pretty full. Obviously, I couldn't park any closer because of the Premium Parking spaces.

On the closed rides board was JJ (already knew) and Rodeo (Breakdance). On my way down Mainstreet, they had a fairly large display up for the Tony Hawk tour coming to the park on Saturday and Sunday. They had all kind of merchandise for sale already. I asked the guy where they are holding it and he tells me in Gotham City. More on that later.

I slept on my neck wrong the night before, so I decided there would be no suspended or flying coasters. So my first stop was Roar. I rode all the way in the back, and I didn't find it rough at all. I could see from the brakerun where they were setting up the Tony Hawk demonstration. Unfortunately, I also looked at a closed Typhoon Seacoaster. They still had the third lift running, and a boat was stalled on the second lift. I then headed into Gotham City where they had another merchandise area setup for the weekend. The demo is being held in the area inbetween Joker's Jinx and Wild One.

I read the sign at Joker's Jinx which said they are waiting for the manufacture of a component which will ensure the safety and longevity of the ride, or something like that. I'm glad they have a sign up. It's a lot better than having people get upset or jump to conclusions.

My friend says I tend to notice the smallest details. For example, I told him recently that all the firehydrants on his road had been repainted a bright yellow. He hadn't even noticed. So, I'm wondering 'What happened to the backdrop by the staircase of JJ?" It's now just corregated metal. Was it cheaper to put that up then repaint it or maintain it? Things that make you go "hmmm."

It was nice to finally see Avalanche (Chance Alpine Bobs) running, since it was still under construction on my first two visits this year. If you care, Avlanche took over the place of the former Krypton Comet (Chaos).

Next up was a ride on S:ROS, and I only waited two trains in the second row. It wasn't particularly hot, but I'm guessing most of the people were at Hurricane Harbor. I rode in the blue train, and it was excellent. It was moving at a good pace, and it wasn't shuffling at all. It was definitely one of the best rides I've had on it in a while. On my way back, I saw that the former JJ photobooth has now become a Flashpass Center and a Height Check Station. I didn't see anyone posted there, so I'm not sure if the height check station is in use yet.

I went back to the Southwest Territory to pick up Wild One where I had a most peculiar experience. The guy who rode next to me was probably in his late teens to early twenties and had never ridden a roller coaster before. He told me he checked to make sure WO had no loops:) His girlfriend went to ride Two-Face, and he wasn't up to that yet.

I was a little bit worried, since I had a bad experience with an adult amatuer rider before on Wild One. That guy was so scared that he put his head down into my chest for the entire ride (not only was it awkward, it was very uncomfortable). So there was that thought of what would happen if this guy starting freaking out. Should I/how do I prepare someone to experience their first ride? But, luckily this newbie handled it fine, although I think he was happy that it ended when it did:)

Running out of time, I took a quick drop on Tower of Doom, which was only running two sides. The side facing Hurricane Harbor was roped off.

I saw a new WB character today and that was Grannie. She was the only character I saw though, but I was only there for a limited time. The Tony Hawk demos are at 2:30pm and 4:30pm Sat. and Sun. The weather is supposed to be good, so I imagine it'll be fairly crowded. It appeared to me that they were setting up some kind of grandstands (could be wrong) which would make sense as they are selling premium seating (of course).

Why do I get the impression that area between JJ and Wild One is going to be a ampitheater by next season? ***just speculating***

A day at the park is what you make it!

^That spot would make a great spot for some much needed flats in the area.

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