Mini-CoasterMania TR for CP 9/15

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Well my fiancee and I decided to head out to the Point on Friday because some friends of ours that also had passes went out on 9/8 and said that the park was dead. Boy was that an understatement!!!!! We got there at about 7pm and looked through the park, all we saw were employees and coaster enthusiasts, EVERYWHERE!!! I swear I felt like I was at CM again and it was Sept. We parked at the SClot and came through the Maggie entrance.

First stop was a quick ride on Maggie and then a very quick reride since there was no wait at all (except for front and back cars). TTD was down when we first got there but on our second ride on Maggie we noticed it running from the lift.

Next we hit up TTD. I knew the line was going to be short because it just opened but I didn't think that we would only have a two train wait fir the 3rd row. After TTD we walked to the marina to get some Dave's for dinner. Spent about 45min-1 hour there and head back into the park.
We started off after dinner with walk-ons for Wildcat and ID for the hell of it. After we got back in the park we noticed MF was down for a few minutes and after our WC and ID rides we head over to MF as it was now open. 10-min wait for mid train. I thaought I saw Jeff waiting behind me in line but wasn't sure if it was him or not and didn't want to bother someone if he wasn't.

After MF we went to the front of the park and caught walk-ons for BS, Raptor and maXair. We then went towards the back of the park for two more rides on TTD ( still only like a 10-15 min wait) and capped the night off with 5 more re-rides on Magnum before leaving for the night.

Now that had to be the best night of power riding I've ever had at the point, 16 rides in under 3 hours. Man was that a GREAT night.

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