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Saturday, September 18, 2004 12:32 PM
Arrived in Sandusky after flying into Cleveland to find clouds, winds, and cool temps for the Friday night "bonus" day.

It really was a bonus with multiple rides on TTD and Millenium Force among others. Crowds were light with the cool temps so it was a real treat and less crowded than Saturday ERT.

This morning (Saturday) TTD was being a bit tempermental in the cool air but ERT was great and I experienced a rollback early in the ERT. Very strange sensation! You know the brakes will stop you on the rollback but without being able to see it's a little unnerving.

On top of that, either due to a problem, or maybe by design, the lights were off on the tower and part of the que. I got one ride "in the total dark" before there was another rollback. Talk about feeling like your plunging into nothing! By the time things were reset it was starting to get light out and wouldn't you know the lights were back on.

Great morning ERT despite being a little chilly although it's too bad Wicked Twister wasn't available.

Update...Between Friday night and Saturday night before ERT started I got 13 rides on TTD. All but two of them were Friday night and early sat AM. As long as I was here I was going to ride it as much as I could. I've seen too many timesd where it hasn't been running so what better time to take advantage of no crowds and ERT with a working TTD.

Lots of great, friendly folks here....Hope to read more reports after everyone is back home. *** Edited 9/19/2004 5:58:01 PM UTC by Brad G*** *** Edited 9/19/2004 6:00:48 PM UTC by Brad G***

"Heavily medicated for your safety!"

Sunday, September 19, 2004 3:23 PM

Yesterday morning was the first time I have seen e-stop rollbacks. The brake fins ended up going up right at the end of the launch section.

This morning I didn't see a single rollback but saw a very long stall at the top. The train totally stopped for a good 5 seconds or so before slowly inching forward and continuing on.



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