Mine Blower opens at Fun Spot in Kissimmee

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Fun Spot's Mine Blower opened at the Kissimmee location today. Built by The Gravity Group, this inverting wood coaster is over 80 feet tall.

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Just rode it tonight. This was my first GG coaster, and I was thouroughly impressed. It packs much more of a punch than I thought it would. As my first inverted woodie, I found the experience of going through the barrel roll with only the scant lap bars exhilarating. Great ejector air, lots of trick-tracks, and an over-banked turn add to the grin-inducing experience. Just goes to show that the best coasters don't need the largest footprint or the highest drops but rather a well-executed layout and plenty of speed. While Sea World, BG, and Disney are all creating more family oriented rides, it's great to see a little park like Fun Spot invest in a no-holds-barred thrill machine. I'm more then ecstatic to have this coaster in my backyard (along with Fun Spot's other GCI gem White Lightning), and at $65 for a whole year admission to both parks, it's a no-brainer.

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Glad to hear its as impressive as the pov's looked. I will be there towards the end of August to grab some laps and to also hit Volcano Bay.

edit: Just noticed you only have one post and coaster credit, I'm guessing this is a fun spot rep?

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Hey man. No I promise I'm not a rep. I literally just signed up for the site this week. I used to be on this site years ago and remembered it was a good place to post about coasters. I'm getting back into riding more and I will post all of my credits and work on my profile when I have time. Just wanted to share the news as I was so impressed with the coaster. I'd love to go to Volcano Bay - I'm planning to visit in September when the crowds die down.

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Got in a few rides Friday early evening, 8-10pm.

Reminds me of an RMC ride with the quick forceful directional changes. It's like a full-scale Wooden Warrior with a wooden corkscrew over the station. Turns are zippy with lots of banking...maybe more of a triple out-n-back version of Boardwalk Bullet. Compact and delicious, will be spending a lot of time down there...

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Is the $65 season pass price a FL resident deal? On their website it looks to be $99. I'm in Orlando a few times a year for work and am actually considering a pass.

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Best price of the year is always the day after Thanksgiving. We skipped it this year because Legoland (with the Orlando Eye stuff) was $99, and my kid won't be young forever.

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Add me to the list of people who can confirm the greatness of Mine Blower. It's a fantastic ride. I only rode it once, and that was up front. It rode extremely well, but I'm eager to jump in the back as I'd bet good money that it's absolutely nuts back there.

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@Tommytheduck: I pay $65 every year during the Black Friday sale, which they run for a week after Thanksgiving every year, just like @Jeff said. Fun Spot remains the only park in Orlando which consistently caters to thrill seekers. Don't get me wrong, we have some great parks, but most of them seem to go for the "family" market rather than the pure thrill aspect. Mako is great - but Nitro is better and doesn't have trim brakes in the middle of the ride. And after riding Maverick, Cheetah Hunt is a total letdown. Obviously Fun Spot lacks the polish of the nicer parks, with the ambience resembling that of a local fair, but for genuine thrills it's great for a quick fix. Plus they're open until midnight every day, even during slow season. I usually ride White Lightning until I literally get dizzy and can't ride it anymore, without having to exit the ride. I believe the list price of a season pass is $150, so $99 is a pretty good deal. But if you wait, they offer cheaper deals throughout the year. At $9/ride or $46 for a day pass, it's worth it either way. And I swear I'm not a rep - I genuinely just like the park and want them to stay around.

@Jeff: I'm jealous. I paid $150 for the "Awesomer" pass. And I don't even have kids (although admittedly I AM a kid. =P)

@Sirloindude: I only rode in the back. And yes, it's nuts back there. I'm an "arms up" kind of guy, and my friend, who may have gotten knocked in the face a few times, didn't quite appreciate that. Lol. =)

If y'all are in Orlando let me know - I'm happy to meet up for a ride or two.

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