Millennium Mania 9/13

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Friday, September 14, 2001 3:17 AM
Started out cold. And the skies look rainy. And it did.. Start raining. Went to Raptor. Closed still. Went over to Millennium Morce. By the time I got there it stopped raining. So got on. 2nd back.  It was awesome. Not as high as I remember it though. But the drop is still insane! Rode it about 4 more times. One ride in front which was so awsome! Its so cool how you can not see the drop until you pull out. Very Insane! My favorite Coaster! Then off to Mantis. Forgot how uncomfortablt this ride was. The sound of Mantis hitting the trims was awful. But did not notice them on the ride. After one walkon front seat ride on Mantis. Over to Magnum. Got on back. Little rough in the turnaround. No trims on. Massive air-time on the way back. Awesome! Rode about 4 more times. Then decided to go to Raptor. Walked on about 7th row. Awesome. Smoothest coaster I have ever been on. CP knows how to take care of B&M's. Rode up front. 2 train wait. And then back. And again it started to rain. Went back to MF. Where I meet my friend. The rain went down to a drizzle. Rode that couple times in the rain! OUCH! It hurts. But I did enjoy. Rode about 8 times in rain. Got stuck on lift once for about 2 seconds. ;) Then off to ride my first S&S tower. PT. I was afraid to ride the upward launch, but my friends got me on it. LOL! It was so cool. Not what I was expecting it to be. (NOTE: STILL RAINING) Rode PT about 5 times. Preaty good. Then it was about 8:45. Decided to end my day with Raptor. So me and my friends split up. Saying they were going to Maggie. Got to raptor. Rode in back car. (STILL RAINING, BUT NOW DOWNPOUR) Came off wet and cold. Then rode again, and again. Then my friends show up. I ride with them about 7 times. I am very cold and wet. I only had shorts and a tee on. Doesnt help. (STILL RAINING) So I callled it quits because i felt like a was going to get a cold. So Got a shirt and left. At around 8:45. Not bad today!

Got about....... Around...... 20 Force Rides, 18 Raptor, 1 Mantis, 6 Magnum, 5 Power Tower, and some good Chilie Cheese Fries! :) Im going next year, not doubt about it. It was awesome! And I like Front seat on MF the best. Other then that. Back is the best. Down the drop you get whipped into your harness. Massive air. Since Ride Ops didnt staple! VERY GOOD CP! And Thank you for this awesome event :) :) :)

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Friday, September 14, 2001 4:28 AM
Rain Rain Rain and more rain.  Ohh well I got 46 on Magnum and 17 on MF. 
Mr 2000
01 Magnum Count: 831
Total Magnum Count:2096
Saturday, September 15, 2001 1:17 PM
Rain + MF = much pain!  Good grief, I got so many rides in on MF on the 13th I nearly got sick of it.  jk...  They had that special access door open all day and it was ride after ride after ride...ect.  It just got too rainy and painful for me so I had to leave, only to return on Friday!  :) 
God please let SFKK get something in 2002. ANYTHING!!

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