Millenium Mania

Tuesday, April 9, 2002 12:17 PM
Just curious if Millenium Mania is still going on at CP, and when?
Tuesday, April 9, 2002 12:25 PM
I believe it was reported that Millennium Mania will not be returning thing year. I can't confirm this information though.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2002 5:06 PM
Anyone else?
Tuesday, April 9, 2002 5:17 PM
Would make sense. MM was to promote MF, which is no longer the new kid on the block, so logically they'd change the name to promote WT even if they were going to have the same event...
Tuesday, April 9, 2002 5:24 PM
What is Millenium Mani***
Tuesday, April 9, 2002 5:29 PM
I'm also pretty sure it wont be happening. I think CP said it.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2002 5:58 PM
Over at GTTP, several discussions on this matter happened and the general hypothesis is that MM was not that big of a success so it won't be returning this year as in years past. :( I'm still crossing my fingers though. (I'm very stubborn like that...just look over me)

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Tuesday, April 9, 2002 7:12 PM

Going into the third season and people still can't spell Millennium.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2002 4:13 AM
Thanks for that valuable insight, Jeff. Anyways, I believe the event was previously called coaster mania. I was just curious if there would be a similiar event this year.
Wednesday, April 10, 2002 4:26 AM

Coastermania is different from Millennium Mania.

Coastermania is open to all card carrying club members (ACE, Coasterbuzz) and is June 7 this year (I believe). It includes (among other things) ERT in the early morning before the park opens, and after the park closes.

Millennium Mania was held in September (after the park goes to weekend only hours). Last year it was held on Thursdays and Fridays for two weeks. You had to purchase a separate ticket for the event (season passes not accepted). The park was open from 6-10 pm with only 5 rides open: MF, Mantis, Raptor, Magnum and Power Tower. This was a great event. Lines were pretty much non-existent. I went on September 14 and the longest line was for MF (about 20 minutes), but that was because they shut all rides down about just before 7 pm to have a few moments of silence for the 9/11 victims.

The previous year, if there were no riders waiting, we were allowed to re-ride without getting off. This year, I believe the first couple events allowed re-rides, but they stopped that mid way through. Some people were upset and complained. I don't know if this contributed to the decision, but word is CP will not have Millennium Mania anymore.

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