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Ok, I'm in the Navy and I know that certain parks have give a ways to military personal. Now, I know that all the Busch Chains have free Admission and I'm not sure about Paramount but I belive they have Half Price. I'm stationed in DC and I know im close to SFA and PKD and Hershey Park. I have never known about Six Flags Inc. ever giving discounts for military personal and have gotten down to PKD but didn't check for a discount. I know im close to atleast HP, SFA, PKD, SFGAv, Knobels, Dorney, and CP (CP might take a while but its within a days drive). So do you know if any of those parks besides The Busch chains have military discount. I'm hoping for this summer to be filled with coasters on a smaller budget. I already have a Six Flags Inc. Season Pass so scratch out Six Flags Chain.


The only one I know of is Busch. Your best bet is probably the most obvious place. The park's website.
I did do that, and even Busch dosn't advertise the military discount's but I know that they have them.

HP does offer discounts try your base for them or email for further info.

I do believe SF and paramount is the same way check your base for them also. Here is a web site that should help you.


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Good luck sailor.
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Thanks guys, for all your help! And I never knew that CP had military discounts... thanks again!

Just FYI- I know SFGAm provides discounted admission tickets to the people from Great Lakes Naval Training Academy near there. I'm not sure about their general policy about Military though.

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