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Howdy ya'll!

A while back I posted information on a massive trip I am taking to tour parks east of the Mississippi (and some west of it too). Well the trip has now been split up into 2 separate journeys. The first one begins this Tuesday (May 26) at Worlds of Fun. I have already made it down there once and I must say Prowler is incredible. Anyways, here is my schedule for the next couple of weeks! I look forward to it and will do my best to keep everyone up to date!

Tues, May 26 - Worlds of Fun
Wed, May 27 - Silver Dollar City
Thurs, May 28 - Beech Bend
Fri, May 29 - Holiday World (Holiwood Nights)
Sat, May 30 - Holiday World (Holiwood Nights)
Sun, May 31 - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
Mon, June 1 - Kings Island
Tues, June 2 - Kings Island
Wed, June 3 - Indiana Beach
Thurs, June 4 - Six Flags Great America
Fri, June 5 - Six Flags Great America

This trip is tiny in comparison to the trip I begin on June 26 so, needless to say, this will be a summer of epic proportions! If anyone has any advice it will be appreciated!

- Chance (Like the dog from Homeward Bound)

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My advice would be to take a break somewhere in there. I've tried to do 4 parks in 4 days and even that was too much for me. I enjoyed the parks and the rides and everything a whole lot more when I didn't feel like I was a slave to a plan I had made 2 months earlier at my office desk.

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I like your plan! Sounds similar to what I'll be doing, with 2 others, before, during and after the Con this year.

6/16 Cedar Point(Only for the Maverick credit), and then onward to South Bend for the night.

6/17 Great America early(3 hours tops, man I love that season pass.)

A stop a Kiddieland, to pay our respects, and ride Lil' Dipper 1 last time.

Little A Merrick A, to ride Lil' Dipper's twin, Meteor.

Timber Falls, to ride the biggest surprise in Wisconsin. Hellcat!?

6/18 Valleyfair and Nickelodeon Universe(MOA)

6/19 Arnold's Park, and Adventureland. Yeah...I know it's gonna be hard to squeeze them both in, given the drivetime between both parks, but we have no other option here.

6/20 World's Of Fun, for a preview of Prowler, and arrive in Branson

6/21 Magic Springs(Only thought of this option last weekend.), since the actual convention doesn't really get underway til Sunday night, that gives us the day to cram in this park.

6/21 - 6/23 Silver Dollar City

6/23 Ditch the $49 banquet, and get back up to Worlds Of Fun, at a respectible time.

6/24 - 6/26 Worlds Of Fun

6/26 Head on over to Six Flags St Louis, and get some rides in before closing that day.

6/27 Daredevil Daze, SFSTL

6/28 Beech Bendfor the 1st half of the day, then off to Kings Island for the rest of the night.

6/29 Early entrance to KI(Gotta love that season pass as well.), then back to Allentown.

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Well, Im here on day 4 of my trip getting ready for an action packed weekend at Holiwood Nights! This will be my first ACE Event, so I am very excited for it! I've been keeping a journal of my thoughts on the assortment of parks I've visited so at some point I'll be posting a plethora of trip reports.

If anyone feels the need to track me down at Holiwood Nights today I will be wearing a pair of white swimming trunks and a blue Back to the Future shirt. Odds are you can find me on Voyage, but I do like to add some variety so I'll all over the park.

and Coasterphan: I'll be at Daredevil Daze as well to kick off my MUCH larger summer trip!

Hope everyone has a fun time this weekend and gets to ride as many woodies as they can at HW! ;)

Chance W Mitchell
2009: 43 parks; 73 days; 251 coasters; 2462 coaster laps; 1 epic summer


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Holiwood Nights is not an ACE event.

Jeff - Editor - CoasterBuzz.com - My Blog

You got that right Jeff. It doesn't cost as much as an ACE event. This comment coming from one who's always willing to stick up for ACE around here. But, it is the truth.

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You can do Arnolds and Adventureland in one day.

AV Matt
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Let me rephrase that, it's the first event I went to which required a club membership and ACE is the one I went with. I know it is a park event, I was just a bit exhausted when I wrote that.

My apologies.

But I was able to ride Voyage 109 times during the event. :)

Chance W Mitchell
2009: 43 parks; 73 days; 251 coasters; 2462 coaster laps; 1 epic summer


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