Midwest Coaster Trip Part III: Six Flags Over Texas

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It was time to head back to Six Flags Over Texas. I made it down here last year for opening day and I had a blast despite some of the coasters not being open. I was hoping to hit the ones I missed last year and re-ride Titan and the Giant a few times.

I had a week in Dallas to figure out when I wanted to go to the park in between training. After class on Friday night I decided to check the park out and if it was too crowded then I would just hit the coasters I hadn’t before and go back on another day. I got there a little before 6 p.m. and headed straight for Mr. Freeze. The park did not look that crowded so I was hoping for a good evening. As I was making my way to Mr. Freeze I decided to take a ride on Spongebob to see if this was any different than the one at PKI. It was the same movie but it is still a fun ride and at least at the end of the movie they filled the theater with bubbles. On to the Freeze.

This was I ride I have been looking forward to riding for a long time. Ever since I saw it last year and didn’t get to ride it I’ve been waiting to come back and give it a spin. I waited for the front row and loved watching the trains slide into position for their launch. I actually think it works pretty good. I got my front seat ride and loved it. It is a nice lunch and the top hat is a blast especially backwards. I love the last boost up the spike and then the freefall. This is a really fun ride and hope to get to ride the one at SF St. Louis in a couple of days.

While I was in the area I took a back seat spin on Batman:TR and enjoyed another ride on this excellent invert! I’m glad so many Six Flags parks have this ride because it is awesome every time I ride it!

Next up was Flashback. Another boomerang but it was one of the coasters I missed last time. I think these rides are fun and I enjoy the six inversions. Thanks for another credit.

Judge Roy Scream: This coaster was running a lot better than the last time I rode it. It moved well and had some nice little spots of airtime. I love the setting of this coaster out on the lake and hugging the road. I took the backseat on my ride.

Now to get my kiddie credit. Took a spin on the “Mini” Mine ride. Well I actually took two spins. After the first time through no one wanted to get off and no one was waiting to get on so they sent us on through. This is a fun little ride and great for the kids. The best part of the ride is the visuals of Mr. Freeze as you go right under it! Very nice.

Now I was off to find Runaway Mountain. Last time I was there my friend and I didn’t even know that this ride existed because we never wondered into this hidden section of the park. I don’t know about everyone else but this ride seemed to be off the beaten path. I thought this was going to be just a little mine ride but I was way wrong. As soon as you enter the dark you start going up a big lift hill and then this ride kicks into gear. I had a blast on this ride! This was like Space Mountain! I loved it. Now don’t get me wrong…this is no Flight of Fear, but it is a great ride in its own way. I highly recommend if you go to SFOT that you hunt down this hidden treasure.

I was now ready for my rides on the Giant and Titan. I took two rides on the Giant. The first one up front and the next one in the back. I know a lot of you don’t like this ride but I think it is just right. To me it gives just the right amount of speed and turns with the intensity of a good wooden coaster. It doesn’t totally beat you up but it throws you around enough to let you know who’s the boss. The back beats you up a bit more than the front but I find both seats very enjoyable.

Last but not least was Titan! The great cousin to Goliath. I now I said it last time I rode this but that extra helix makes this ride just that much better than it’s cousin in Cali. If you have only ridden Goliath then you need to check Titan out. Titan was running in fine form. It had been heating up all day and now towards the end of the night it was flying. Great air time over the camel back into the helix. It was giving some great G’s through the first and second helix. My favorite thing to do on this ride is get in the front left seat and hang over the edge out of the midcourse brake. Love it!

Thanks for a great Friday night. I cut out a little after 8 p.m. to head back to the hotel because I had to get up early for class on Sat. Not bad for a couple of hours in the park! Thanks for a great time.

Next up: Heading out early tomorrow 6/8 to drive up to Branson and hit Silver Dollar City (Powder Keg) and Celebration City. Look for that in a few days.


I'm glad you had a good time and enjoyed my favorite in-the-dark coaster outside of Space Mountain. I agree that it's a little unnverving leaning over on that midcourse on Titan, but you've got to try it out. I felt really lucky that I got to spend a day and 1/2 there, as we missed out on the big Mine Train credit the day before.
Judgie is my favorite woodie. That thing's back seat always give me ejector air. TG does throw you around and it has some great G's. It's the trains that are the problem, I think. Get some Millennium Flyer trains on this thing and people would be riding it again and again. BTW, did you take a spin on Shock Wave? I haven't been out there all season, but last time I rode SW in December 2004, it was running like a charm. SW is the best coaster there. I hope to go to Frontier City in about 2 weeks because I'll be in the area so I can ride my first Looping Star.

John Moore

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Yay for more TG fans! Only Ghostrider can compare to it in terms of "chain park woodies" when it comes to size and intensity...

Runaway Mountain is a *hidden treasure*....more dark coasters for everyone...:)

Shockwave is my favorite looping coaster...is it even up and running after last season's erosion problem?

Add in Titan, Freeze, Judge, an increasingly-rare Parachute Drop, S:ToP, Oil Derrick, the charm, the operations, the landscaping....SFoT is my favorite chain park overall, no question. I love that park! :)

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I loved Mr Freeze and Titan as well. Freeze was such an intense ride, I really didnt expect it to be so wild from the photos and Titan's first half is one of best hyper coaster sections I have experienced. If only the second half was as good as the first...even just a few bunny hills before the brake run would have been enough. The airtime over the second hill is so freaking perfect.

Is Runaway Mountain more than Skull Mountain at SFGAdv? We didnt ride it cause the line was long and I expected it to be like Skull.

I liked the park but I dont think they handled the big crowds of the day well at all.

Runaway Mountain is much more intense than Skull Mountain. Just ask anybody who has experienced the infamous drop midway through the ride.
Shockwave was open when I visited the park in late April. Thats one hell of a coaster I gotta say. Those loops are amazing. I personally hated the Texas Giant, one of the only coaster I think ive been on where I have been scared for my life.

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