Mick Foley....show yourself!

I just saw him on tv, and it got me thinking

He's a coaster enthusiast, am I right? This is one of the best, if not the best coaster site, so he could be posting in the forums without anyone knowing it. Any celebrities out there?
Lol. He was on Regis. His favorite coaster is NITRO and his 2nd fav. park is Hershey.

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His new book list's all the park's and ride's he loves.

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Oh that's awesome, I would love to see him at an amusement park. Even though most people wouldn't.

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He also said he would have to start exercising for the upcoming summer, 'Nothing is more embarassing than not being able to fit on a ride!'

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I think people dread seeing him! Because he promotes his book at EVERY possible moment. I was wondering though - Superstars - TV, films or music, Do they ever go to theme parks? If I was famous I would still want to go to these places now and again. The point is, have any of you ever seen anyone famous at a park?
if i were famous then I would finally be able to do all the rides in USA I read so much about.

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I know Courtney Cox Arquette (Monica on friends) and here husband David Arquette are big coaster fans, I dunno their favorite rides though.
Doesn't Michael Jackson like rides(he he)?

p_c_r said:
"Doesn't Michael Jackson like rides(he he)?"

Yeah little kiddie rides......
Take that one however you want to.

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HAHAHAHAH ROTFLMAO!!!! Man that actually made me burst out loud laughing!

My friends have a whole bunch of Michael Jackson jokes, but that one was funny. :)
Mick doesn't usually go to big parks. he said he prefers parks like Santa's Village somewhere in the East near Hearshy Park. when he went to SFMM he skipped the line for B:TR and got cheered, but he couldn't fit in the seats even with ride ops helping. I don't understand why he couldn't fit in Batman seats and could fit in Hulk seats (there's a pic of him along with other wrestlers on Hulk in Foley is Good). I mean they're made by the same company so why wouldn't the seats be the same? I would love it if he were a member here, but I'm not sure if I could stand his love of Britney Spears.

as for Michael Jackson, I heard that he once bought out SFGAm for a day and was alone in the park. then again I could have been lied to.

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BrandonR said:
"'Nothing is more embarassing than not being able to fit on a ride!'"

Wait until you see my Hersheypark trip report.

As for Mick's situation with B:TR and Hulk, it probably has something to do with the age of each coaster. B&M's infamous fifth row has seats for larger riders, but I don't know how long that's been in effect. SFMM's B:TR is much older than Hulk, isn't it?

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Mick was at Hersheypark today!!! I was on break with one of my friends and he said, "Did you know we have a celebrity in the park today?"
"No. Who is it?"
"Mick Foley!"
"Me, heh, cool."

Later in the day, I saw him walk past the ride I was working (wildmouse) and head up to Wildcat.
That makes sense, as I remember a friend of mine mentioning that Raw Is War, a WWF television show, is supposed to be filmed in Hershey this week or sometime soon.

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well if he can go to Hearshypark when they go to Hershey why can't he go to SFGAm when they come to Chicago? he could try to get his revenge on B:TR, sort of.

whips out Foley is Good. yup, Foley is in the last row on Hulk along with Edge, Al Snow, Scotty 2 Hotty, and, in the second to last row, the Hardy Boyz(no, not the child's book decetives, the wrestlers).

this park is not copless so please don't go topless
I rode with Foley during SFGAd's Media Day for Nitro. Man, did they have a *helluva* time getting him in that seat.

Scanz, he doesn't lurk or post on here, rrc, thrillride or anywhere else for that matter. He doesn't own a computer!
I saw Mick Foley at SFGAm 3 weeks ago in line for batman.Coasterjedi said that the batman seat didnt fit him but he rode our batman.I saw him on and off the ride.So i dont get whats so different about SFMM.

I saw him last year at SFMM in line for Goliath. He was way ahead of me in line though. So I didn't see when he got on. He probably fits in Goliath's trains. They are large and comfy.

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