Michigan's Advernture RipCord Season Pass

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I got an email from Michigan's Adventure telling about coming in for your pass, and general stuff...but what also mentioned something interesting I thought I'd share. Not sure if this is available at other Cedar Fair parks, and I couldn't find a mention anywhere on the Michigan's Adventure website. The following is copied directly from the email:

We're also offering a season pass for thrill seekers brave enough to take on RipCord. The pass is a photo ID card similar to a season pass which allows the pass holder unlimited rides on RipCord before 1:00 pm each day. Season passes for RipCord are $50.00 per person and must be purchased in our season pass office.

I've only ever ridden the one Skycoaster (Old Town) so maybe I'm not entirely placed to judge.

However, it strikes me that the thrill of a ride like this is that you only do it occasionally - and thus it scares the bejeesus out of you - and you end up on a high all day from the adrenalin rush. I'd imagine being a regular passenger wouldn't be the same. Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

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ValleyFair! has a similar upgrade to their season passes.


For $40 you can upgrade to the Xtreme season pass - which includes Ripcord and Skyscraper. Can also combine it with a Challenge Park upgrade.

Not that I'm saying it's worth it. You'll basically have doubled the price of your season pass.

One of the reasons for having a special season pass including upcharge rides might be to optimize the use of these attractions at smaller parks. MiA is a much smaller park than the typical park having a Skycoaster, for example. If few people are going on the attraction early in the day, then potential revenue is being lost. The season pass deal produces some of this revenue that would otherwise not come in.

As for business later in the day, there are many extreme ride riders that just want to do it once a visit, or once a year, or even once in a lifetime. *** Edited 3/29/2007 12:43:01 PM UTC by Arthur Bahl***

Arthur Bahl

I think this is a smart move.

Waaaay back in my youth, I used to work for someone who sold "glo-sticks" at concerts and fairs. Whenever we went to a concert or fair, and things were starting out slow, we went up front, and sold the things for cheaper than what we wanted to sell them. As soon as others saw people up front with them, or kids saw others with them on and walking around, they wanted ones for themselves.

Getting some extra money from season passholders in this way seems smart. I'd wager there's another reason too - I'll bet the average joe season passholder comes after 1:00, since they are not pressured to maximize their time in the park. If they have to get there before that, they may find themselves spending more time in the park, thus spending a few more dollars on drinks, food, etc.


Good point.

More time in the park = More money spent in the park. Its the same principle as is used in supermarkets.

If a Six Flags season pass holder only stays for about 6 hours, they are probably going to avoid paying for an overpriced meal in the park, They might buy a drink or a snack but that is about all.

Some parks, of course, look at things differently. Knoebels, with its free gate, probably gets its share of short time visitors that are there to take a few rides and then go. Good, reasonably priced, park food might encourage these visitors to have a meal there anyway.

Arthur Bahl

VF started this a couple years ago. I got it twice but did not get any use out of it because those I went with did not have it and did not want to spend for it. Also, I don't usually spend a full day at VF and for some reason the hours available usually did not work out for me. I guess I usually don't get there early or want to do the skycoaster first thing. As a result, I think I'll be skipping the upgrades this year.
This really confirms my "theory" that the upcharge on these attractions is entirely for line control. Otherwise, why offer season-passes for the cost of about 2-3 rides? Easily - they can only be used before 1pm (when the demand is very low)

I think this is a trend you'll be seeing in the industry. I fully expect it to be rolled out to all the CF parks with upcharges within the next couple years. And of course SF will probably copy it, too. :)

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The park had this last year too...but it wasn't overly popular because it wasn't really promoted until the last minute. Those who did get it, though, LOVED it. It was actually kind of funny processing those passes-- I think the guests thought they were getting away with murder or something :).

I have a feeling more and more people will take advantage of it this year because the word is getting out. Definitely exciting for the RipCord crew, who has been kicking butt the last couple of seasons!

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