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I decided to take a trip to Michigan's Adventure on Sunday. I had plans to go to Cedar Point, but, I spent most of Saturday night partying with some friends, and did not get enough sleep to make the drive. So I did a solo trip to MA

The weather was great! 80 degrees with a slight breeze, and, just a few lingering clouds. I assumed that the park would be packed, and, after passing a few busses loaded with boy scouts headed in that direction, I was sure it would be busy.

To my surprise the lot was only about 1/10th full. pretty much empty up until the Mad Mouse, and, full up near the main entrance. And, it was just after 12:30 when I arrived.

Almost every ride on the amusement side of the park was a walk on. The only ride that had a line was Shivering Timbers. 10 minutes max. The park looks even better than it did last year, and there are some new buildings. I was most impressed with the new antique photo shop in front of Shivering Timbers, and the new restrooms over by Grand Rapids. I also found the new location of the scrambler by shivering Timbers, and interesting choice.

So, having looked over everything, and snapping a few photos, I bagged my camera, and did multiple rides on Shivering Timbers. Mid train/twice, the very front seat once, and a final ride in the very last seat.

The front seat on Shivering Timbers is still an air time extravganza! I think the train was even catching air on some of the hills...man what a great ride in the front! However, the middle was just fun, and the back seat was absolutely terrible!

Unless you like to get the crap beat out of you at 60 miles an hour, I do not suggest a back seat ride on Timbers. The first five hills were awesome in the back, but, after the agonizing swoop turn, the return trip was just a slam! bang! bruiser of a ride, and the helix was like riding a jack hammer in a circle...only really fast! I was bruised, and, my head ached. So, a back seat ride is not recommended!

After my bashing in the back seat on Timbers, I decided to ride Wolverine Wildcat. Man...this coaster is total crap. The first two hills are good, but the rest is about as painful as Mean Streak. I tried the front, and it was still crap. The worst part is the double up double down, slam-up/slam up then slam down, and wham down! Horrible.

I also did Corkscrew, which was fun, but might as well be a kiddy coaster. Nothing thrilling about it. I enjoyed my solo ride on Mad Mouse, but did not ride again, even thought there was no wait.

I then did several of the flats, including Tilt-a-whirl, and the Flying Trapeeze. I like the Flying trapeeze, fun ride, and great on a hot day.

Next I went to the water park side of the park, which I will explain as a post to this topic, so my log in does not time out. *** Edited 6/27/2007 1:29:57 AM UTC by Timber-Rider***

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MA TR: Wildwater Adventure and Grand Rapids.

The water park was much busier than the ride side of the park at MA. That is fairly typical, as it is one of the best water parks I have been to. Makes Indiana Beach's water park look like a sand box with a few old toys. It was very clean, and crowded.

I avoided getting ripped off on a locker, by changing my clothes in my car. So, with my swim suit, beach shoes, and a t-shirt, I started off my trip with a few spins on hydroblaster. 15 minute wait for each tube. Fun, but, both tubes are quite short rides.

Next, I walked over to Grand Rapids, which had a very short line. Only 15 to 20 minute wait, nothing like the two hour lines from last year. It was much more enjoyable not having to wait in line. So, I rode it two times in a row, and got drenched by the falls on each trip. Not, the most exciting rapids ride, but, it does have some nice fun spins here and there.

After the Rapids, I lined up for Adventure falls, which was a 25 minute wait. And, was toally drenched by the Falls! My beach shoes had water pouring out at the ankles when it was over! I was totally soaked! I got an additional soaking on the bridge waiting for the next boat to do it's thing. Almost got knocked on my butt by the wave! What fun!

After that, I checked out the new restrooms, which are directly in front of the falls. Very nice building, with drinking fountains, and, air conditioning! Also noticed the new water tower, and a new path being constructed behind Wolverine Wildcat. No much of a hint of any ride being built, but any progress is good.

I did sveral of the water slides, and the wave pools, and hung out by the entrance to the Funnel of Fear hoping to hitch a ride with my fellow park visitors, but no such luck. So, I decided to change back into my street clothes, and do a few more rides before heading home.

I rode the corkscrew twice with no wait. I also took another spin on the wildcat, hoping it might have reved up during the heat of the day....still crap. I did a few more flat rides, and, did 6 back to back rides on Shivering Timbers, the last of which was not the best. So, that was enough of that.

My final ride was on Logger's Run at 7:30 p.m. I was the only person in line, and got to ride solo. Nice ride, until the wind picked up and blew off my brand new hat! DARN!!! IT!!! I loved that hat! I asked the girl if someone could look for it for me, and she said no. Park rules and regulations crap.

So, that bummed out. Made me feel so bad, I just decided to leave for the night. I went to my car, and drove down to Saugatuck Michigan, just in time to catch a nice sunset, and hang out at my favorite club down there. Didn't leave there until 2 in the morning. Over all, a nice day.

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Please tell me you rode Falling Star! It's my favorite flat at MiA... other than a good spinning on Drummer Boy ;)

I echo your feelings on a back seat Timbers ride. When I went earlier this month and rode 17 times in 6 hours (along with many of the other rides), I was feeling it by the end of the day for sure. I attribute most of that to the back seat. The drop out of the turnaround is incredibly intense, but painful.

Josh M.

Please tell me you rode Falling Star! It's my favorite flat at MiA... other than a good spinning on Drummer Boy

Falling Star and Drummer boy are the best flats their. I dont find the back that bumby. Wolverines Double down is awesome. Wolverine is not crap. Sounds like you had fun and great trip report.

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In answer to your question. I did not ride the falling star, or the drummer boy. I have been on falling star hundreds of times at MA, so I just skipped it. Fun ride, but the time on the ride has been cut short by cedar fair. 4 turns this way, 4 that way and done.

I also thought about riding the drummer boy, but, there was only about 3 little kids riding it, and no one waiting to ride. I did not want to look like a total dork riding it alone. I am 42 years old, would look kind of stupid spinning myself silly!

As for the double drop on Wolverine Wildcat. When the ride opened in the 80's, the wildcat was a very smooth coaster, a lot faster ride, and the double down was quite a thrill, in fact, the coaster was quite a hit with coaster fans that year, and I must have rode it 18 times in a row. Loved it.

Today, the wolverine drags and shudders through it's course. Kind of like riding a lazy bull, jerk back, jerk forward, jerk back, jerk forward...bounce...bounce.. kind of like the coaster is trying to throw you off it's back...but, it's only a painful lackluster attempt.

The worst part of the double down, is the big slam at the bottom, where the train just seems to drop onto the track, like it was dropped from above, and not connected to the track at all. It seemed to be smoother in 2005, and, it is rough again. But, this coaster has been in worse condition. Riding in a middle seat in each car, seems to lighten the blow.

As for Shivering Timbers. My only complaint is the very last car. Great air until it enters the swoop turn, and, just very jerky and bumpy on the return to the station. The double helix is terrible in the back. I have a bruise on my left elbow the size of a dollar coin, to remind me of my back seat ride on Timbers.

But, with that said, Shivering Timbers is still my favorite wooden coaster. The only wooden coaster that comes close to it, is Viper at Great America. And, of course, the Cornball Express at Indiana Beach. Cornball kicks the Wolverines butt by a mile. Even the Hoosier Hurricane is better the Wolverine.

Oh well. Enough said.

Good TR, sucks about your hat though, I'm sure guest relations could have fetched it for you, you might not have gotten it back that day, but you would have had it mailed to you or something. My ex lost his had on Phoenix at Knoebels, and he got it back the next day (they do a sweep in the morning or night when it's closed).
you saw work going on behind WildCat? mabye they are up to something......hmmmmm;)

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It looks as though theirs a clearing from Wildcat to Grand Rapids. I looks like a path will be going back their. As for losing stuff I lost my cell and they got it form me at the end of the day :).

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