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Saturday, May 24, 2003 6:13 PM

I'll keep this fairly short, just telling about the rides and what's changed.

The Timbers were empty at the park opening. Two train op + no people= ERT!! Got in 5 quick rides. ST was running pretty slow early in the morning, mostly due to the empty trains. Then ST woke up during midday and was giving INSANE rides, back to its usual self. I couldn't help myself from riding in the back seat over and over again for the incredible ejector air on the first drop.

Mad Mouse now has retractable seat belts, much like those found on Phantom's Revenge over at Kennywood. I don't know why they added these because the lap bar already smashed into my legs. Was running fast and practically trimless.

The Falling Star still remains my favorite flat ride, ever. Pushing yourself up while going up and then sliding back and forth between your seat is an amazing, albeit painful experience.

Parking booths look great, as does a lot of the new landscaping. The park is really starting to shape up. There is a lot of broken convrete piled next to the Wildcat. I can't wait to see all of that empty land filled...

Either my friend and I really suck at putt-putt, or Rocky Point golf is absolutely impossible. Anybody else feel the same way?

Now onto the biggest surprise of the day, The Wolverine Wildcat. I don't know what happened between this year and last year, but this sucker was absolutely flying today. The air was violent, and the turns were littered with lateral-g's. The front was giving great ejector air at the top of the third highest hill. I could feel the whole front car twist as it turned some of the corners which was an added thrill factor. The back was great for the double down near the end of the ride. Really glad to see this ride, which I usually thought to be just average running so well.

FINALLY got to meet Kara and her posse, unfortunately was not bale to ride with them. My friend and I had a nice 3 hour drive home. It was great to see some fellow enthusiasts out there!

I play in a really awful garage band, but it's still fun.
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Sunday, May 25, 2003 9:58 AM
CPLady's avatar I agree with Wolverine Wildcat. That coaster is 100% better than it was even after the work they did last year. I was also glad to see the fountains in the pond areas. Those and the nicely done landscaping has really made MiA much prettier than it was.

I'd rather die living than live like I'm dead

Sunday, May 25, 2003 1:07 PM
Yup. WW is much better this year, although the back is still pretty wicked.

You didn't say hi to me? Darn you! (Black ST t-shirt, ran to Timbers first ride...)

Guess who's back... MIA JON!

Sunday, May 25, 2003 8:14 PM
I'm sorry, I don't know what you look like! Did you have a blue windbreaker on later in the day?

I play in a really awful garage band, but it's still fun.

Monday, May 26, 2003 7:41 AM
Carousel Rabbit's avatar I was at Michigan's Adventure on Friday and I must agree about Wildcat. We rode in the back as usual, but I was not expecting the wild yanking feeling when we went over the double-down! That doesn't usually happen!

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