Michigan's Adventures rock the coast still on!

MIA was not sure if thier where gonna do rock the coast this year then desided it's best they do, but got new date later in the year.
Is Timbers Fest happening in 2007? Does anybody know?
They proably will announce there getting X-Flight that night.
Thats what im talking about rock the coast and X-FLIGHT
Of course they're going to do RTC...but I don't really think many of the people from these boards go anyway, it's more of a local thing.
What is "Rock the Coast"? I've never heard of this unusual phenomenon??


Rock the coast is a huge concert at MIA use to be on opening week end, but now i think it's later. It's only a few dollars more to get in with a free meal.
Maybe they'll announce specifically that they're NOT getting X-Flight?

Just a thought.

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Timbers fest is during Rock the coast.
Dannerman thats wat you dont want to happen. I truthfully rather see it go MIA than PKI because PKI draws such a big crowd and something with the low capicity like that would not work out well *** Edited 12/3/2006 2:42:35 AM UTC by Audioslaved***
Low capacity wont be right for PKI. they alredy have one nightmare SOB.
Theres not really much to talk about is their.
Yea a ride with low capacity like that wouldnt work well in the PKI atmosphere. Since they draw a higher attendence they never add low capacity rides. I mean just look at the latest coasters they have added, they all have extremly high capacity that X-Flight could never compete with.

Avatar - 2006
IJ:ST - 2005
Rugrat's Runaway Reptar - 2001
SOB - 2000
Face Off - 1999
Drop Zone - 1999
Scooby's Ghoster Coaster - 1998 (probably one of the worst capacity rides of all time)
Flight of Fear - 1996
Top Gun - 1993

Low capacity really wont be right for PKI as they have shown in the additions over the past decade and a half they are committed to high capacity rides. Their commitment to keeping capacity up at each ride is clearly proven by the turnstiles you see at each ride.

*end sarcasm

Avatar is a coaster?


While the name that Zamperla has given that style of ride is "Disco Coaster". I know it is still debatable if the ride can be considered a coaster or not, but its much more of a coaster than Drop Zone and you didnt seem to have a problem with that on the list :)
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Looking at that list of installations, with regards to capacity (keeping in mind KI's attenddance): Seems to me that Avatar (coaster or not), IJ:ST, RRR, Face/Off, and the horrendous Caripro *all* have some SERIOUS concerns when it comes to throughput...

From what I've heard about BORG in regards to the improved capacity and reliability since the Premier "upgrades", then it would seem like X-Flight, with a similar overhaul/enhancement, should be able to do just fine in Cincy...like to check it out whenever I get to Stricker's... ;)

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I would assume that rock the coast is still on. I was looking at a concert web site, that list 2007 concert tours, and there is one act listed for Michigan's Adventure in May.

I have no interest in going. But, I guess this is a Christian music festival. Draws something like 5,000 people to the park just for the concert. Add to that the people who are visiting the park, and, you might have a big crowd to deal with.

I'm not sure, but, I don't think the water park is open during rock the coast. And, the park is only open for limited hours that day.

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