Michigan's Adventure,... Ticket price increase.

Looks like the price of the single day ticket at Michigan's Adventure has increased to $32.

I haven't been on the Michigan's Adventure website for awhile but it appears that they have done some pricing restructuring.

Someone correct me if I am wrong but I don't recall MIAdv ever having a Junior Ticket, a Two-day ticket or a Platinum Pass Bring a Friend Ticket.

The Junior Ticket sells for $29.99 (previous price of the Single Day Ticket earlier this year), the Two-Day ticket sells for $49.99, and the Platinum Pass Bring a Friend Ticket costs $24.99.

I am not posting this to complain about the price of admission going up. I am posting this because I feel that the price increases over the past couple of years has been imperative. In just 2 years the price for a Single Day admission has only increased by an average of $3.50 per year. Outstanding! Especially considering the amount of new attractions that have been added over the past 15 years!

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It's been almost 40 years since I took my high school Economics course, but I remember learning about a concept called "supply and demand." As long as enough people are willing to pay $32 for a day of entertainment at the park, MiA can justify charging that price. If enough people feel that the experience no longer justifies that cost, attendance will drop off and the park will need to make adjustments. Unfortunately, a few too many people on this site must have slept through their high school Economics course due to over indulging in "special" brownies. $32 doesn't seem unreasonable for a day's worth of entertainment (~$4 per hour). And if you buy a season pass, the cost per hour likely drops significantly below that.

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Looks like T-R forgot to take his meds again.

Nah, that's his sister.

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


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His tighty-whitey-twister-sister?

$32 doesn't sound too bad for a park with an included water park with how much admission has gone up at all parks. One park in my area Storybook Land is charging $24.50 and they have around 12 rides total, mostly kiddie rides and a couple of family flat rides. In Ocean City, NJ the water park is $31 for an all day pass with just 2 body slides, a sky pond ride, lazy river, small kiddie area and 2 shot gun slides.

Raven-Phile said:

His tighty-whitey-twister-sister?

Yes, but a price increase? Neither he NOR she is gonna take it.

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


Huh...looks like Michigan's Adventure got something new after all! ;)

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$32 for a day at park I like? Sign me up!

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Geesh, I forgot the reason I don't frequent this site. Such a hostile environment. I've been a member for 6 years and have posted 7 times. (Now 8) Why treat so many like **** on this site?

Sorry Emily24, I don't post to this site much either but I read a bit of the posts. Michigan's Adventure seems like the red headed step child of amusement parks in the Cedar Fair chain and for whatever reason they have been in coaster hell since 1998. Yea they have gotten a few other coasters but nothing to tell your friends all about. The last one in 2008 was a crummy hand-me-down from Geauga lake. Every year the fanboys get excited and then disappointed. Right now it just seems to be a long nightmare for them much to the delight of everyone else.

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Um, what?

Emily24, not sure what you're talking about. You made a valid post, a few people made valid, pertinent posts. Others made posts that were not, really, pertinent, but unless you are Timber-rider posting under another name, posts that have nothing to do with you.

I would be happy to have a nearby park with outstanding coasters, like Michigan's Adventure, that cost but $32 to get into.

S&SFan, MI Adventure is in coaster hell? Only getting crummy hand-me-downs? I have to disagree. MI Adventure is a great park that performs extremely well for Cedar Fair. It may not get what you want, but clearly it gets what its market wants. Its market is rather more important to Cedar Fair than what you like.

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Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.
--Fran Lebowitz

slithernoggin said:

Um, what?

Emily24, ....unless you are Timber-rider posting under another name, posts that have nothing to do with you.

That is what I am talking about. No I am not Timber Rider. BUT, just because I made a post about the most hated amusement park on this site, I get accused of being Timber Rider, not taking my meds, indulging in "special brownies", being Timber Rider's sister, and or being Timber Rider's tighty whitey twister sister.

Michigan's Adventure has become a complete laughing stock to Coasterbuzz. Any mention of the park results in a Timber Rider bashfest.

I am sure there are other lurkers on this site who do not contribute due to the hostile environment. Unless you are part of the good old boys club, you are not welcome here. I am not just talking about Michigan's Adventure topics, but rather the entire forum.

I have been a lurker and fan of Jeff and Walt's site's since they began. I have been a huge fan of Virtual Midway, Guide to the Point, the merger of the two to make Pointbuzz and of course Coasterbuzz.

Sadly, I mainly only LURK. Reason? If you are not a part of the CB clique, you become part of Timber Rider's ****.

Blah, blah, blah,... I know I will get ripped apart for saying what I just did. I will go back under my shell and continue to lurk for 6 more years and then I will make another post. Rinse and repeat.

slithernoggin, you missed my point which is based on a fanboy's perspective. I agree this park probably does fine for Cedar Fair and their market, but for the fanboy's out there, (I am not one because this park isn't even close to me) you have to admit ever since 98 they haven't put in anything like Silver Bullet, Gold Striker, Prowler, Renegade, Banshee, Gatekeeper, Intimidator, Intimidator 305, Talon, or Behemoth. Those are just a few coasters from every other Cedar Fair park that have been installed since 98. So from that perspective it has been a coaster drought (maybe a better term than coaster "hell") for the local Michigan Adventure enthusiasts.

Hi, Emily24. Don't be mad.

I'll admit when I read your post (starting with the title) my first thing was to say "oh, here we go again" only to laugh out loud when I got to your last paragraph. Why, you weren't here to complain at all, and what's this? Someone who actually thinks a price increase is justified and going to the park can be a value in several ways? Honestly, it was so funny and the timing was so perfect that nobody here could have ever just let that lay there.

So, sorry. It wasn't about you or your opinion. And you should notice that aside from the jokes (that weren't about you) that there are responders here that were in agreement with you. Not to rip you apart, or treat you s****y, but if you've been reading for as long as you say then you should know that MI is not the laughing stock nor is T-R the most hated member.

So, you can go back to lurking if you need to, or you can jump in. I think you should jump in. Your observant post may have inadvertently brought up a few memes and dredged up an age-old discussion, but IMO it was also a good, valid point.

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Emily24 said:
I get accused of being Timber Rider, not taking my meds, indulging in "special brownies", being Timber Rider's sister, and or being Timber Rider's tighty whitey twister sister.

No. None of this is correct. None of it was directed toward you at all. It was all a jab at T-R, but it's cool if you want to take it personally. Everyone likes to play the victim every now and again.

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Nothing like saying it wasn't personal and then making it personal.

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I think in general the strategy at CF has been to move *toward* a one-price-fits-all model. That does tend to over-price parks that historically have gotten less love...not just MiA, but Dorney, and even Great America pre-Gold Striker. Shoot, I remember when WoF didn't have much to offer coaster-wise...

With turnstile clicks and high per-caps come more and better rides. Personally, I was thrilled to ride a non-sucktastic Timbers this year, and that was plenty for me (along with the Lakeside Skooters/Eagles). But then again, I visit MiA on average once a decade. I can see how the SLC addition made corporate happy, and probably most of the "semi-local" vacationers since it's a feet-dangly ride...but someone who *frequents* MiA and is aware of the better rides out there may be less-than-enthused with the park's...ummm, stability. ;~)

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Just a Comment. The park has not really changed much since 1998, when admission was just $18.00, and parking was $5.00. Thunderhawk, Grand Rapids, Funnel of Fear, and the Beach Party attraction are the only major attractions added to the park since then. Dorney received more new attractions than that in just a couple years.

Prices have gone up crazy high at the park for years. Food prices are insane compared to what they used to be, like $9.00 for a smoothy. and the price of renting a locker has gone up almost every year, as has the cost of parking. even some of the games have gone up. But, that doesn't matter much, because hardly anyone plays the games at MA. Yet, they still seem to spend money bringing in more games and stalls then anything else. All stuff the park doesn't need.

My hope is that these new admission packages are not the only thing that will be new at MA for 2015, like this years lame Fast lane and meal package with yet another increase in a admission. Not. many people know that the cost of a MA season pass is almost $50.00 more than it was in 2008.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Yes, but there are coaster enthusiasts in China who are starving right now and would love to have the opportunity for a "meal package," let alone a fast lane to get at it.

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